KFC’s Colonel Sanders Became an Existential Nightmare Thanks to DC

The DC Universe has had some strange crossovers before, but it’s cross-company promotion with KFC’s Colonel Sanders may have been the oddest. A multiversal misadventure shows the Colonel gathering up a crew of his doppelgangers from several Earths, and one’s addition is a bit disturbing to say the least.,While it may sound like a joke, DC Comics seriously teamed up with KFC to create a series of comics that featured the founder and mascot of the notorious chicken franchise teaming up with DC heroes. The initial comic was a riff on the classic Flash story “Flash of Two Worlds” and featured the Colonel teaming up with the Scarlet Speedster to stop a twisted version of Sanders from Earth-3 ruining his and KFC’s reputation. The story even ended with Flash offering Colonel Sanders a place on the Justice League. The unlikely pair of comics and chicken went together surprisingly well and soon, KFC and DC came up with a second serving of Kentucky-fried team-ups.,Related: Marvel & DC’s Next Crossover Could Come From the Last Place Fans Expected,In 2016, DC Comics and KFC released KFC #2: The Colonel Corps by Tony Bedard and Tom Derenik. Colonel Sunder, the Colonel’s evil Earth-3 variant, is traversing the multiverse making each good version of the Colonel forget the secret recipe to KFC’s chicken. The Earth-1 and Earth-11 Colonel realize they each remember a different ingredient and set out to gather nine more Colonels to recall all 11 herbs and spices. The Colonels travel to recognizable alternate universes, such as Earth-19 and Earth-22, the locations popularized in Gotham by Gaslight and Kingdom Come, respectively. One-stop along the way is Earth-51, the post-apocalyptic Earth inhabited by Kamandi and a civilization of hyper-evolved animal people. The best chef on this Earth is Kolonel, a sentient chicken who is also the proprietor of the last KFC in the world. The comic would eventually get a Green Lantern and Colonel Sanders crossover sequel, but nothing in that topped the existence of Kolonel.,For those worried about the ending, the Colonel Corps does bring Colonel Sunder to justice and the secret recipe to their famous fried-chicken is restored. But the addition of Kolonel to Sanders’ ragtag group raises quite a perturbing question. Is the hyper-evolved chicken cooking and serving his brethren, or was he unwittingly drafted into a cause that’s built on the slaughter of his fellow chicken-kind? The world of Animal People seen in Kamandi is no doubt a brutal one and while it would make since for someone to be selling fried chicken, it’s kind of curious that it would be another chicken. Granted, the story doesn’t say what Kolonel serves in his KFC, but considering the Colonel Corps seeks him for help reconstructing a fried-chicken recipe, it stands to reason he’s a cannibal. But on the off chance that he’s not, the other Colonels do cook and serve chicken, and his partnering up with his variants shows he strangely approves of their business.,Kolonel is a wanton chicken cannibal or he shows a terribly misguided judgment of his other-selves. Either way, the Colonel Sanders marketing stunt cooked up by DC and KFC makes for some finger-lickin’ nightmare fuel.,Next: DC’s Most R-Rated Rule With Its Characters Confirmed by Neil Gaiman