Buffy’s Spike/Drusilla Bombshell Totally Changes Their Power Dynamic

Warning: Contains spoilers for Angel #5,One of the most infamous couples from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Spike and Drusilla, gets a totally new outlook in the comic series Angel from BOOM! Studios, completely changing their power dynamic. The comic is set in an alternate universe showing new versions of familiar characters from the beloved franchise.,The vampire Spike, born William Pratt, is one of the most popular characters from the Buffy universe. Introduced as a villain in the second season of the TV show, Spike quickly gained fans’ appreciation, first as a likable antagonist, and then as a reformed bad guy who tries to atone for his sins while being hopelessly in love with Buffy. Spike’s original love interest, however, was his Mistress Drusilla, a mad and deranged vampire who held him under her sway, before heartlessly dumping him. Spike and Drusilla (and the actors who played them, James Marsters and Juliet Landau) had great chemistry, portraying the perfect villain couple, exerting violence on others as much as on themselves. BOOM! Studios has recently relaunched its line of licensed Buffy comics with two new titles, The Vampire Slayer and Angel, both taking advantage of the concept of the Slayerverse (Buffy’s version of the ubiquitous multiverse) to tell new stories, giving an unexpected spin to the franchise’s characters. Spike appears in Angel just like he did in the homonymous TV show, working beside Angel to take down demonic threats in Los Angeles. In this universe, the blonde vampire is already a Champion (a vampire with a soul, destined to fight evil, just like Angel), but Spike is showing doubt about his redemption.,Related: Willow Proves She’d Be a Better Slayer Than Buffy,Angered by his companions’ mistrust, in Angel #5, by Christopher Cantwell, Daniel Bayliss, and Patricio Delpeche, Spike seeks out Drusilla for help in finding someone that can perform a resurrection on his zombified friend Wesley. Contrary to what happened in the original TV show, in this universe it’s Spike who left Drusilla, and the two are still on friendly terms.,This situation must come as a surprise for fans of the franchise. In the original Buffy universe, Drusilla is Spike’s “sire”, as she made him into a vampire. In their relationship, she always had the upper hand, and Spike’s violent and brash behavior served to hide his insecurity and the fact that, often, he played the part of the victim. When Drusilla left him, Spike hit rock bottom, but that also opened the way for his path toward rehabilitation and his love for Buffy, which ultimately saved Spike’s soul. The Angel comics, however, completely rejuvenate Spike and Dru’s dynamic. Apparently, Spike left Drusilla, but rather than hating each other’s guts as they did in the TV show, they are still able to work together as friends – even if Dru is an evil vampire.,Seeing Spike have the upper hand in his relationship with Dru will certainly make fans of the character happy. The comic book also does a great job in using the creative freedom granted by Buffy’s multiverse, the Slayerverse to distance itself from the TV show, but without changing its characters so much to be unrecognizable. Considering how much his relationship with Drusilla was influential in developing Spike‘s character (and how popular both are among fans), it will be interesting to see where Angel will go with their new dynamic.,Next: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Has Officially Been Replaced by a New Chosen One,Look for Angel #5 available now from BOOM! Studios.