Bong Go urges BBM to continue efforts towards pandemic recovery

Senator has urged presumptive president Bongbong Marcos to ensure continued efforts towards not only pandemic recovery but also better preparedness by further investing on the country’s healthcare system.,Go cited the need to further improve the public health sector as the ongoing pandemic has exposed persistent weaknesses in the Philippines’ healthcare system.,“We have taken a significant step back due to COVID-19, but we must reconstruct our lives as we continue to overcome the pandemic. We must reset, recoup, and rebound,” Go said.,Go also emphasized the importance of learning from the pandemic, adding that there is a need for government to be more proactive and consistently examine policies “regardless of inevitable changes in leadership.”,He encouraged new leaders to carry on President Rodrigo Duterte’s legacy, notably the strengthening of Malasakit Centers across the country “to ensure that poor Filipinos continue to have easy access to government-sponsored medical aid programs.”,“Let us make sure that the poor and the needy, especially those who depend on government assistance, are taken care of,” he added.,Despite significant progress against the pandemic, Go also cautioned the country against complacency.,“Instead, let us use this as an opportunity to learn from our shortcomings and ensure that we keep on the right path towards recovery while ensuring no Filipino is left behind,” he said.,“We cannot afford to lose what we have gained in the past years, especially as our country is undergoing a leadership transition. Let us all take responsibility for ourselves and our communities to triumph over these challenges,” he added.,Go emphasized the need to work together as a nation despite different political beliefs for the development of the Philippines. In his capacity, the senator said that he will continue to support and advocate for more initiatives that benefit underprivileged Filipinos, particularly those that can strengthen and expand the healthcare system.,As Duterte’s term draws to a close, Go expressed his gratitude to him for his outstanding service to the country and for keeping his pledge to provide a comfortable life for all Filipinos.,“I shall continue pursuing President Duterte’s goal of ensuring a comfortable life for all Filipinos in all roles and responsibilities expected of me. I hope that our new leaders will do the same,” he said.,“After all, regardless of our political differences, we are all here to serve, and the welfare of our citizens remains our top priority. With unity and bayanihan, I am confident that we will triumph over whatever challenges destiny may throw at us and realize our dream of a healthier and brighter tomorrow for all Filipinos,” Go concluded.,