Bob’s Burgers Had Nearly Every Side Character In The Movie At Some Point

In addition to following the Belchers, The Bob’s Burgers Movie will feature a handful of the beloved side characters from the television show, though it nearly included even more. The Fox animated series Bob’s Burgers continues to grow its fanbase as the one and only Belcher family expands its reach to the big screen. The series’ main characters include Bob (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin), the owner Bob’s Burgers, and his wife Linda (John Roberts). Bob and Linda are parents to Tina (Mintz), Louise ( Kristen Schaal), and Gene (Eugene Mirman). Their antics are set to take center stage in The Bob’s Burgers Movie, which finally arrives in theaters this weekend.,The adventures of the Belcher family are populated by several side characters who are as unique and hilarious as the Belchers themselves. Some of these characters include Tina’s frenemy Tammy (Jenny Slate), the constantly nervous guidance counselor Mr. Frond (David Herman), and the Belcher’s unusual landlord, Calvin Fischoeder (Kevin Kline), just to name a few. These and several other Bob’s Burgers characters have won their way into the hearts of many who watch the series. Therefore, it isn’t too surprising to hear that The Bob’s Burgers Movie will include some of them – though it came close to featuring all of them.,Related: Bob’s Burgers Movie Isn’t Like The Simpsons Movie – That’s Why It Will Work,In an interview with Screen Rant, creator of the series Loren Bouchard, director Bernard Derriman, and writer Nora Smith open up about the process behind deciding which supporting characters made it into The Bob’s Burgers Movie. At one point, there were so many that the creative team realized they overwhelmed the plot. This led to some serious consideration over which familiar faces should be included in the Belchers’ onscreen adventure. Read their comments below:,Even though every side character isn’t included in The Bob’s Burgers Movie, many still made it into the final cut. This includes Teddy (Larry Murphy), Calvin Fischoeder, Felix Fischoeder (Zach Galifianakis), and Jimmy Pesto Jr. (H. Jon Benjamin), plus many others. With this lineup of hilarious side characters, the Belchers will have plenty of adversaries to face, as well as friends to help them out of whatever predicaments they find themselves in during The Bob’s Burgers Movie. The decision to exclude more side characters may allow the ones that are in the film to shine more and act as more necessary parts of the plot, rather than simply appearing on screen for the purpose of satisfying fans of a particular character. It’s a smart tactic that prioritizes plot over fan service.,The Bob’s Burgers Movie is already receiving early critical praise before its wide release, which bodes well for its prospects with fans. With a PG-13 rating, the film offers summer fun for the whole family, regardless of whether they are already fans of Bob’s Burgers or not. For those who are familiar with the show, though, they have the added advantage of being pleasantly surprised by seeing their favorite TV characters up on the big screen. Though not all of the best supporting characters will be in The Bob’s Burgers Movie, there will still be plenty of cameos to go around.,More: The Bobs Burgers Movie Already Avoided The Simpsons Movie’s Biggest Issue