BBM on his gov’t: Not perfect but will strive for perfection

President-elect Bongbong Marcos said while he might not be “perfect”, he vowed that his government “will strive for perfection”.,“To have received over 31 million votes from our countrymen is a valuable expression of trust as can be had by anyone in public life. And so for that, I thank our people. Beyond that, I promise you that we may not be perfect but we will always strive for perfection,” Marcos told the media.,He made the statement moments after he was proclaimed the 17th President of the Philippines by Congress on Wednesday evening.,“I’m humbled. For anyone in public service or in public life, the most valuable thing you may receive from a fellow citizen is their vote,” Marcos said when asked what he felt about his landslide victory in the 2022 presidential elections.,He emphasized that the votes he earned are not mere numbers, but in these votes “hopes and aspirants for the future” of the Filipinos are “embedded”.,“Also embedded in that vote are the trust and the confidence that they give to you to take them to that aspirational future,” he noted.,The next Chief Executive also lauded Congress and the people behind the orderly and honest general elections, which he said was successful in reflecting the “voice and choice of the people”.,“I congratulate all of those involved in the electoral process, the Comelec, all our teachers, our BEIs, up to the National Board of Canvassers here in Congress for what I can say is, in my experience, the best-run elections that we have seen,” he said.,“I am inspired by this responsibility that has been given me.,“I asked you all to pray for me and wish me well. I want to do well. When the President does well, the country does well. I want to do well for this country,” he added.