Boy Meets World Star Says Vader Complimented His Wrestling Skills

Will Friedle says that wrestling legend Big Van Vader commented on how well he handled himself during their iconic match on Boy Meets World. Friedle starred alongside Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, and Rider Strong throughout all seven seasons of the beloved sitcom. Boy Meets World follows the life and misadventures of the Matthews brothers, Cory (Savage) and Eric (Friedle). The television series first debuted on ABC in 1993 as part of their primetime programming known as TGIF.,Each show typically involves some type of comedic mishap that ultimately leads to a life lesson. One such incident happened in an episode during Boy Meets World season 2 when Cory decides to make a name for himself in high school by joining the wrestling team. However, once Cory defeats his opponent for a spot on the team, he is relentlessly bullied and coerced into an unsanctioned rematch. Prior to the fight, Cory is warned by his opponent’s father, played by Vader, that if he won he’d have to fight him as well.,Related: Why Ric Flair Is Really A 21-Time World Champion (Not 16 Like WWE Says),A tag team match ensues, and Eric is unknowingly pitted against Vader in the ring. As expected, the enormous, professional wrestler easily handles his young challenger before Mr. Feeny steps in and stops the fight. The scene served as one of the most memorable moments in the early seasons of Boy Meets World, leaving a personal impact of Friedle as well. In a recent interview with ComingSoon, Friedle recalls his fight with Vader and says the wrestling legend actually complimented him on his moves. Read about their conversation below.,The Wrestling Hall of Famer’s compliment shouldn’t be taken lightly considering Vader was no novice to the ring, spending 33 years in the profession. During the Boy Meets World scene, Vader grips Friedle by the neck and hoists him horizontally above his head. He does a quick military press with Friedle before flaunting him around the ring, drooped over his shoulder. Friedle doesn’t get the chance to do any offensive moves of his own, but Boy Meets World did require him to assist in being hoisted and remain rigid while suspended, something that requires a bit of physical strength and skill.,Sadly, Big Van Vader passed away in 2018 due to pneumonia and heart complications. The icon left behind an impressive legacy, being crowned champion in multiple wrestling organizations including the WWE and WCW. Friedle never pursued a wrestling career, something probably for the best considering his stature. However, the Boy Meets World star is able to say that he went toe to toe with one of the sport’s largest names and was able to walk away with words of Vader’s admiration. That is still pretty special.,Next: Can Roman Reigns Really Follow The Rock’s Hollywood Success?,Source: ComingSoon