Duterte sorry for unfinished business, says 6-year term ‘not enough’

While President Rodrigo Duterte believes that he did his “best,” he apologized to Filipinos for his unfinished projects and said he could no longer fulfill them with his term nearing its end.,“In a few days, I’ll be out. My accomplishments are the best that my efforts can achieve,” said Duterte, who will bow out of office on 30 June.,“If it remains lacking, I apologize. I cannot take it anymore,” he added.,In a speech Monday, Duterte blamed the six-year term limit for Philippine presidents, saying half a decade was “not enough” to fulfill all of the tasks needed.,“The things that I failed to do, mostly not because of negligence or my shortcomings, but it was really because of time,” the Chief Executive said in a mix of English and vernacular. “Six years would not be enough to finish all the projects.”,Duterte did not elaborate on the unfinished businesses he was referring to.,But the popular leader had admitted in his previous speeches that he failed to eradicate the illegal drug trade and the decades-old insurgency in the Philippines because he underestimated the problem.,Duterte will also step down from Malacañang without fulfilling his campaign promises of the country’s shift to federalism and ending labor contractualization, which disappointed advocates and even some of his staunchest supporters.,The President, meanwhile, thanked the nation for giving him the “honor” to serve the country.,“To every one of you, I will say it to you, even to TV networks, thank you very much for your help in my journey in the six years that you gave me the honor to be Philippine president,” he said.,Under the 1987 Constitution, Philippine presidents are limited to a single, six-year term and barred from seeking re-election for the top government post.,Duterte will return to his private life in his hometown Davao City after his tumultuous term, which will likely be remembered for his tough-on-crime agenda, ambitious infrastructure program, and billions-worth of debts.,His children, meanwhile, will remain in office.,His eldest daughter Sara, Davao City’s incumbent mayor, is the country’s next vice president.,Paolo Duterte mounted a successful re-election bid as representative of Davao’s first district, while Baste won as city mayor. — With a report from MJ BLANCAFLOR