Bong Go expresses confidence in the next administration

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go has expressed his confidence that the next administration will continue building on the gains made by the Duterte Administration as he vowed to continuously be of help to the Filipino people as a “quietly working senator”.,“I am confident that our new leaders will build on the gains that President Rodrigo Duterte has achieved over the past six years for the benefit of our country and our people,” Go said.,“It is clear that most of us want continuity and I am optimistic that the incoming administration will be able to deliver and pursue further the hopes and aspirations of our people,” he added.,Go assured that he will continue to quietly yet consistently work and serve the interest of Filipinos especially during these challenging times. He also thanked his fellow senators for their support in the introduction, review, deliberation and final approval of several bills that Go principally sponsored.,“The measures are very timely and important especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the need to enhance and strengthen our healthcare system to better address the emerging and complex health challenges,” Go added.,Aside from health initiatives, Go also welcomed the approval of the Philippine Digital Workforce Competitiveness bill which will promote the development of the country’s workforce through digital skills. The bill was principally sponsored by Sen. Joel Villanueva.,“The proposed law will be our viable instrument to enhance our workers’ competitiveness as we now revive our economy amidst the pandemic,” Go said.,“Once successfully enacted, an inter-agency council will be created and tasked with the planning, coordination and implementation of policies that promote, develop and enhance the competitiveness of the Philippines’ digital workforce,” Go added.,The senator has been advocating for the shift of the country into the digital age using innovative technologies especially in the government.,“Thus, I will continue to push for the passage of the proposed E-Governance Act next Congress, which will improve the delivery of public services while adapting to the changing times,” committed Go.,Go’s Senate Bill 1738 or the E-Governance bill of 2020 mandates the government to establish an integrated, interconnected, and interoperable information and resource-sharing and communications network.,Go earlier said e-governance “will reduce red tape, eliminate corruption, enhance transparency, provide safe and convenient delivery of services to the people and encourage citizen feedback and participation.”,He also lauded his colleagues for supporting and approving SB 2506, which he is one of the co-authors. The measure seeks to increase the social pension from P500 to P1000 for indigent senior citizens.,“Due to their age vulnerabilities, our senior citizens are one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. It is only fitting that we enhance their social protection by increasing their resources,” said Go.,As Chair of the Senate Committee on Sports, Go also congratulated Filipino athletes who bagged medals in the recently concluded 31st Southeast Asian Games. In a ceremony in Malacañang Palace last week, Duterte and Go, together with other officials, personally met and bestowed awards to the athletes. Go said that the incentives show the government’s full support to the sports community.,“On my part, I have reiterated my long-standing commitment to introducing measures promoting sports development and supporting our athletes in their respective fields,” said the senator.,Go authored and co-sponsored Republic Act No. 11470, establishing the National Academy of Sports in New Clark City, Capas, Tarlac. A government-run learning facility, the NAS offers a secondary education program with an integrated special curriculum on sports which was developed in close coordination with the Department of Education and Philippine Sports Commission.,The academy is equipped with world-class sports facilities, housing and other amenities on par with international standards. Sufficient number of classrooms and other facilities have also been built at the complex to provide a conducive learning environment for all the students.,Go assured that he will continue to do his part in addressing the needs of the Filipino people as the nation transitions into the next administration.,“Along with our new leaders, let us enter this new chapter of our nation with high hopes and optimism as we work harmoniously towards a much better and brighter Philippines,” Go concluded.