Young Justice Explains Why Superman’s Krypton Wish Would Be Terrible

Warning! SPOILERS for Young Justice season 4, episode 25.,The penultimate episode of Young Justice season 4 and General Zod’s arrival on Earth put an ironic twist on Suprman’s wish that more Kryptonians be found somewhere in the universe. Superman’s status as the Last Son of Krypton has been mined for drama by many creators, emphasizing the survivor’s guilt that Kal-El must feel as the apparent sole survivor of his homeworld. This also adds another level of tension to any conflict with General Zod, whose might-makes-right philosophy not only opposes everything Superman stands for but also bespoils the idyllic image of Krypton as a paradise lost.,Superman’s conflicted feelings regarding his homeworld were an undercurrent to the larger story of Young Justice season 4, episode 25 “Over and Out.” The episode found Superman and a collation of heroes from Young Justice‘s Green Lantern Corps, the Legion of Superheroes and the Justice League racing back to Earth to intercept General Zod and his followers. As they traveled through subspace, Black Lighting noticed Superman looking troubled and asked him how he was coping with the revelation that there were more Kryptonians alive in the Phantom Zone.,Related: Young Justice Fixes The Story Of The Most Hated Teen Titan,Superman admitted that he had “wished for this my whole life, but now the very thing I’ve wished for is putting the entire galaxy at risk.” He also said that he was conflicted, not really being sure how to feel about the fact that the connection he sought was tied to a fascist army that very nearly destroyed an intergalactic civilization in the 31st century and had apparently tried to conquer Krypton. Ultimately, Superman decided that all he could do for now was put aside his feelings and focus on rescuing his brother, Conner “Superboy” Kent from that same force, which had already shown the dangers that an army of Kryptonians obsessed with conquest could pose to the universe.,Kal-El’s internal conflict formed another layer of contention when he finally stood against Zod in the climax of Young Justice season 4, episode 25 “Over and Out.” Superman already had ample reason to refuse to “kneel before Zod,” given how the new Emerald Empress had struck down his allies at Zod’s command. Any thoughts Superman might have had about trying to negotiate a peaceful resolution or allowing Zod to turn some other world into a New Krypton were lost at that point, even before he saw his brother as a brainwashed thrall of General Zod. Comparison could be made to the relationship between Superman and General Zod in Man of Steel, which explored the same conflicted feelings Superman had as an alien orphan suddenly offered a place to belong. However, the Young Justice episode is more effective than Man of Steel in showcasing how Superman and Zod’s differing philosophies would make it impossible for them to ever ally themselves.,Unfortunately, Zod and his cunning use of a piece of Green Kryptonite proved more than enough to match Superman in a one-on-one fight. This set up the stunning cliffhanger leading into the Young Justice season 4 finale, in which Zod ordered Superboy to murder his weakened brother and prove his loyalty to the House of Zod. How this battle will be resolved is anyone’s guess, but the episode laid bare just how dangerous a reborn Krypton might be, regardless of Superman’s wish to see his homeworld saved.,More: Young Justice Just Adapted Infinite Crisis’ Original Ending,Young Justice season 4 finale releases on Thursday, June 9 on HBO Max.