Season 18 Secretly Broke Grey’s Anatomy’s Happy Ending Curse

Warning! SPOILERS for Grey’s Anatomy season 18 ahead.,Grey’s Anatomy notoriously had many couples implode during its 18-season run, but season 18 secretly broke the show’s happy ending curse for one couple. Through the years, Grey’s Anatomy became famous for not letting its characters have their happily ever after, either by letting half of the couple die or tragically separate over irreconcilable differences. When couples that first got together in the show reconciled, it usually happened after having already moved away from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, like Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale proved with Jackson and April finally getting back together after moving to Boston to lead the Fox Foundation. Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 20 also introduced a subversive change for another couple that is still very much central to the show, but that surprisingly didn’t break up as many have done before them.,Maggie and Winston’s relationship was affected by Wendell (Rome Flynn) since his arrival in Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 14. While at first, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) didn’t understand Winston’s (Anthony Hill) opposition to letting the two of them know each other, Winston’s reasons became clear when they uncovered that the product Wendell needed to sell to medical facilities didn’t work and put lives at risk. Still, Winston didn’t want Wendell to stay in Seattle, and his anger towards him when he realized Wendell conned ten thousand dollars from both of them was disproportionate compared to Maggie’s, highlighting how much of Winston’s displeasure towards Wendell was due to their shared past and him falling for Wendell’s games once again rather than the con itself.,Related: Grey’s Anatomy’s Catherine Reveal Proves The Show’s Happy Ending Curse,Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episodes 18 and 19 could have tricked viewers into believing Maggie and Winston’s differences on the issue of how to deal with Wendell were irreconcilable. However, Grey’s Anatomy season 18 finale’s ending saw Maggie and Winston realize that, although their relationship went fast through milestones, it wasn’t rushed, and they weren’t incompatible—they just needed more time to open up to one another and get to know each other better. One particularly heart-wrenching patient storyline might have helped Maggie and Winston to draw that conclusion, but no matter what inspired them to work together toward a goal rather than break up over it, it’s almost a singular event for the show, making Grey’s Anatomy season 18 break the happy ending curse for Maggie and Winston.,Not only was Maggie and Winston’s working together groundbreaking for Grey’s Anatomy, but it all also happened onscreen—something rare for the long-running series, which genuinely had some fans believing that Grey’s Anatomy hated true love. Offscreen reconciliations are all too commonplace. It happened with Callie and Arizona in season 14, but even more recently, with Japril confirmed to be back together in Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 20. Maggie and Winston not having a big break-up before realizing they needed to cherish their love and relationship is as unusual as it is revolutionary for Grey’s Anatomy, which long thrived on couples’ rash break-ups and subsequent big love declarations, as season 18 episode 20 proved with Amelia and Kai.,Maggie and Winston will undoubtedly face new challenges in Grey’s Anatomy season 19. Still, how maturely they resolved the issues stemming from their differences had Grey’s Anatomy season 18 establish Maggie and Winston as one of the show’s new central couples. In the future, Grey’s Anatomy might even bring the medical drama toward a new era, where couples don’t just rush into a relationship and just end up breaking up.,Next: Grey’s Anatomy Theory Links Every Character Who Left To Meredith’s Pain