Poison Ivy Justifies Her Villainy With One Perfect Line

Warning! Contains preview pages for Poison Ivy #1!,The flora-loving foe Poison Ivy has eloquently summed herself up in just a few words. A new preview for the first issue of her self-titled series shows Ivy commit a pretty monstrous crime, only to provide the perfect rationale for her actions.,Dr. Pamela Isley may have gotten her start as a member of Batman’s rogues’ gallery, but the last several years have seen her become one of the most ardent defenders of the Earth. With a powerful connection to nature, Ivy has used her mastery of plant life to protect nature by any means, including killing. Though she’s usually portrayed as a highly misanthropic person, Ivy has shown a fondness for a few humans, namely her longtime friend and love interest, Harley Quinn. Unfortunately, Harley encouraged Ivy to take some time for herself and find the path that’s best suited for her.,Related: Poison Ivy Is Bringing the World of The Last of Us to the DC Universe,Now that Poison Ivy is on her own, she’s returning to her villainous roots and ready to protect the Earth in a way only she can. A preview for Poison Ivy #1 by G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara shows the character already using her powers in a way modern society would vehemently oppose. Ivy has gone to a farm and has killed an entire herd of cattle with a colony of mushrooms that are helping the natural environment of the land flourish. She notes in her own personal monologue that she doesn’t like killing animals but that the cows’ deaths allows the land’s native creatures a chance to thrive. The herd’s owners come by, furious at the situation, but Ivy calmly tells them that their animals didn’t suffer because “Nature isn’t cruel. It’s just efficient.“, ,It’s interesting to see Ivy deliver this message in such a blasé way, but it’s not particularly out of character for her. Ivy has often shown a disregard for the institutions that trample on the natural order and has no problem taking matters into her own hands. But her message shines an interesting light on Ivy’s state of mind when it comes to the acts she commits. For her, she doesn’t need to abide by the laws of humanity because she is a force of nature.,Every villain generally has some explanation for why they do the things they do. A tragic background, a cruel streak or just a twisted desire to shake things up. But unlike those rogues, Ivy doesn’t approach her mission with the same form of morality. For her, nature simply “is” and there isn’t a good and evil to be considered. The line “Nature isn’t cruel. It’s just efficient.” implies Ivy sees herself as more removed from humanity and that the actions she takes are necessary to maintaining the natural order. Poison Ivy is all-in when it comes to Mother Nature, and if that makes society see her as a villain, so be it.,Next: Poison Ivy Evolves With The Green in Gorgeous New DC Comics Art,Poison Ivy #1 is available June 7th, 2022.