Halloween Star Pretends to Jump Into Niagara Falls with OG Michael Actor

The Halloween franchise’s current Michael Myers palled around with the character’s original actor during a visit to Niagara Falls. Throughout the years, many performers have portrayed the masked serial killer that originally stalked babysitters in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois in John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween. In that film, the role was a dual one, with Tony Moran playing the unmasked Michael and Nick Castle playing The Shape, the mythical name that the killer is known by when he is wearing his mask. Although the Halloween franchise racked up 6 sequels and 2 remakes through the early 2010s, neither actor returned to play Michael Myers during that time.,That all changed when Blumhouse began their new Myers trilogy with Halloween 2018, followed by 2021’s Halloween Kills and the upcoming Halloween Ends, coming to theaters on October 14, 2022. The trilogy, which ignores the sequels and follows directly from the events of the first film, has brought together some new blood with many members of the original Halloween cast, including Jamie Lee Curtis (who played the final girl Laurie Strode), Charles Cyphers (Sheriff Brackett), and Kyle Richards (Lindsey Wallace). The reboots’ most important and literal blending of old and new is in the casting of Michael Myers, with Castle returning to perform the character in certain moments while stunt performer James Jude Courtney steps in for the more taxing sequences behind the mask.,Related: The Only Halloween Where Michael Myers & Dr Loomis Don’t Meet (& Why),Clearly, both Myers actors haven’t had enough of working together. Recently, Courtney posted a photo of himself and Castle visiting Niagara Falls. The new image shows the duo joshing around, with Castle grabbing Courtney while he pretends to jump into the Falls. The cheerful caption reads “Made it to Niagara Falls… and almost into it! OG Shape to the rescue.” Check out the Instagram post below:,Click here to view original post.,The mayhem in the photo caused Halloween Ends executive producer Ryan Turek to chime in, commenting, “Out of control. I’m sending in the adults.” In response, Courtney pleaded “don’t do it!” These interactions, both in the real world and online, show how tightly knit the cast and crew behind these Halloween movies have become. If everyone can joke around with Michael Myers himself, than they must be pretty close.,Considering the fact that the Halloween crew shot Halloween Ends while under restrictive COVID-19 conditions, they probably had the chance to bond even more while stuck together in a production bubble. This theory is backed up by the fact that production wrapped in March. Courtney and Castle aren’t taking a trip immediately post-wrap to celebrate the project, but rather made the conscious decision to get together again months after production and months before the film’s press tour, just for the opportunity to goof around together. The future of the franchise beyond Halloween Ends is unclear right now, but it looks like there are already some bonds that will last forever.,Next: Halloween Ends Can Resolve A Michael Myers Mystery With Silver Shamrock,Source: James Jude Courtney/Instagram