Watch: Won Ji An, Yoon Chan Young, And More Are Faced With New Tragedies In “Hope Or Dope 2”

“Hope or Dope 2” has released a mysterious main poster and teaser!

The second season of teenage noir drama “Hope or Dope” continues the story of Kyung Da Jung, an 18-year-old girl who was used by her parents in order to transport drugs. After fleeing to the countryside, she meets Gong Yoon Tak, a rural country bumpkin who is overwhelmed with his life, and together with their friends, they discover a marijuana field.

“D.P” star Won Ji An plays Kyung Da Jung, who is used as a pawn by her family members, while “All Of Us Are Dead” star Yoon Chan Young plays Gong Yoon Tak, the breadwinner for his family.

In the main poster, Kyung Da Jung and Gong Yoon Tak’s faces are illuminated from the flame of a lighter, held by someone else. While Da Jung is focused on the light, Yoon Tak looks far ahead. Since the lighter is held up by an unknown person, questions arise as to whether they will offer the pair warmth or place them in a dangerous situation where everything can erupt into flames.

The caption reads, “Since our lives are already ruined, we’ve decided to fall all the way to the end.” Although the statement seems discouraging at first glance, it captures the characters’ determination to work it out on their own, despite feeling like their lives are already over. Viewers can look forward to seeing what their overarching dream is that allows them not to give up just yet.

Another focal point of the poster is how close Kyung Da Jung and Gong Yoon Tak are to each other. In “Hope or Dope,” the two characters grow close as they rely on each other to be a source of comfort for their pain. As they work through yet another journey together, the two’s relationship is set to grow even stronger.

In the teaser for “Hope or Dope 2,” Kyung Da Jung, Gong Yoon Tak, and their friends are faced with a new hardship. When someone asks Kyung Da Jung why she’s come here all the way from Seoul, she answers, “There’s someone I have to meet.”

As the friend group gathers, they comment, “We’re seriously screwed this time,” and “At this rate, something bad will really happen!” They overcome a variety of sad, exhausting, and gory ordeals, as someone else worriedly calls out, “What if he dies at this rate?”

Watch the teaser here!

seezn’s original drama “Hope or Dope 2” will air all its episodes on May 31 at 6 p.m. KST.

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