Ultron’s Twisted Romance Proves He Could Still Become a Hero

Although Ultron may seem to be the last Marvel character to fall in love, he did, and it proved he could still be a hero. In 1989’s Daredevil #275 and 276, Ultron, revived by Doctor Doom, was sent to kill Daredevil, but when he met Number Nine, a genetically engineered human who happened to be friends with Daredevil, he began questioning his mission. Ultimately, this self-doubt led to his defeat, but not before proving there might be good within him.,Few villains inspire fear as much as Ultron. Originally built by Hank Pym, Ultron gained sentience and went on a murderous rampage, before being defeated by the Avengers. However, Ultron would return many times, always in a new body—and more dangerous than before. In 1986’s West Coast Avengers #7, he was born again, but this incarnation, the 12th, was benevolent, seeking a relationship with his “father” Hank Pym. This “good” Ultron would ultimately aid Pym and the Avengers in a battle with Ultron-11, a battle that ended in 12 sacrificing his life to save his teammates. He would lie dormant for three years, returning in Daredevil #275. Doctor Doom rebuilt Ultron, giving him a combination of all his previous personalities, including Ultron-12. Doom believed this would give him more control over the robot, which he dispatched to kill Daredevil, as a favor to the Kingpin.,Related: Iron Man’s Bleeding Edge Armor Makes Ultron Look Weak,However, Doom’s machinations gave Ultron-13 a serious identity crisis, as the various personalities in his head came into conflict. Complicating matters was Number Nine, a genetically engineered human who was an ally of Daredevil’s. Seeing her as “more than human” and a model of “perfection,” Ultron-13 fell in “love” with her; the two embarked on a literal whirlwind of a romance. Number Nine tried to help Ultron calm the raging voices in his head, and Ultron-12, asserting itself, began to rip out wires and parts, reasoning it would help drown out the bad personalities. Seeing Ultron commit what he thought was suicide, Daredevil, aided by members of the Inhumans, were able to destroy Ultron. The story concluded with Nine rescuing Ultron’s head, promising to revive him. Daredevil #275 and #276 were written by Ann Nocenti, with art by John Romita, Jr., tying into the “Acts of Vengeance” event.,Ultron is one of Marvel’s premiere villains, a perpetual thorn in the Avengers’ side. His legacy is one of evil, chaos and destruction, but Ultron-12 hinted that he could be a hero as well. Ultron-12, inspired by his burgeoning relationship with Pym, joined the side of angels and helped defeat an earlier, evil incarnation. Although Ultron-12 eventually died himself, he reasserts through Ultron-13. Ultron-12 believed he could purge the bad personalities, and win Number Nine’s heart. Ultron-12 tried, in vain, to rid himself of the bad that resides within, but unfortunately it left him vulnerable to attack, allowing Daredevil and his Inhuman allies to defeat him. Number Nine did not forget Ultron and made a pact to bring him back.,Of course, Ultron would return, eviler than ever before, with no traces of the good Ultron-12. However, a whirlwind romance showed that Ultron can still be a hero, despite his evil ways.,Next: Ultron Would Lose His Mind Over Marvel’s Unbelievable Adamantium Weapon