Twilight Images Reveal Characters’ Book-Accurate Looks Using AI

An artificial intelligence program was used to create images showing what the characters from 
Twilight would actually look like. First released in 2005 and published annually until 2008, Stephanie Meyer’s
Twilight Saga consists of four main vampire-themed romance novels, including the sequels
New Moon,
Eclipse, and
Breaking Dawn. Meyer’s series also includes one novella,
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and two companion novels,
 Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined and
Midnight Sun, both of which retell the events of the first book through different perspectives.,Since the release of
Twilight in 2005, the young adult book series has enjoyed massive success and popularity worldwide, and it was quickly adapted to the screen in a series of feature films from Summit Entertainment. The
Twilight film saga adapted each book in Meyer’s main series into a single movie, besides the fourth book,
Breaking Dawn, which was split into two full-length films subtitled
Part 1 and
Part 2. Kristen Stewart led the cast of 
The Twilight Saga as Bella Swan alongside Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. The cast also included Mackenzie Foy, Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reaser, Kellan Lutz, Michael Sheen, Anna Kendrick, Dakota Fanning, and Julia Jones.,Related: Midnight Mass Borrowed Its Best Twist From Twilight,Buzzfeed recently used the artificial intelligence program Artbreeder to bring the characters from
Twilight to life based on how they are described in the books. By taking existing faces that resemble the characters and adding specific traits as Meyer describes, the program produced images of the most book-accurate versions of the characters. Check out the images below next to their movie counterparts for comparison.,As is the case with almost every book-to-movie adaptation, the characters do not always appear on screen exactly how audiences imagined them based on their descriptions in the source material. Granted, this is sometimes due to careless translation to the screen by the filmmakers, though oftentimes actors are cast based on their ability to capture the essence of a character with less emphasis on matching their physical appearance. Based on these side-by-side comparisons, it appears the
Twilight movies did a decent job casting actors who match their characters’ physical appearance in addition to being able to capture their overall spirit.,Twihards looking for more exact physical interpretations of the characters from Meyer’s books will surely be pleased with these AI-generated images. In the case of Emmett Cullen, the character’s ”
dark curly hair” and ”
innocent‘ aura were something the movies weren’t quite able to capture through Lutz’s portrayal. The AI version of Carlisle Cullen also looks closer to the younger character described in Meyer’s books compared to the movie version played by Facinelli. Still, it’s hard to blame these
Twilight actors for their physical appearances and they should instead be judged on the merit of their performances.,Next: How Twilight Killed Vampire Movies (& How Streaming Saved Them),Source: Buzzfeed