Park Bo Gum’s Charity Work Over The Past Decade Highlighted By Child Welfare Institution

A child welfare institution has shared a moving story about Park Bo Gum’s consistent charity work!

On May 17, child welfare institution “Myung Jin Flower Love Village” uploaded a post to Park Bo Gum’s fan café with regards to a recent goods distribution event for Children’s Day.

They wrote, “The love distribution that first began in 2013 rang in its 10th annual event this year. We sincerely thank Park Bo Gum and Ministry of Bo Gum [Park Bo Gum’s fan club name] for sending their unchanging love and support all this time. The children are putting good use to the goods you send every year.”

They continued, “This year, Park Bo Gum personally organized the goods sent by Ministry of Bo Gum. The actor, who came with his hands full of presents for the children, cleanly made delivery labels, checked products, separated goods, and even organized the garbage.”

They added, “As we watched his hardworking self from the side, we were able to see that [Park Bo Gum] is a creator of praiseworthy acts with never-ending positive influence. We were all able to feel our hearts grow warmer from the sincerity of each and every one of his words. Thank you to Park Bo Gum and the Ministry of Bo Gum for silently joining our journey through their quiet and unseen good deeds over the past 10 years.”

The institution also shared photos of Park Bo Gum helping out with the items.

Park Bo Gum was discharged from the military late last month and made his first TV appearance as an MC at the “58th Baeksang Arts Awards.” Although yet to be confirmed, the actor is currently in talks to join a new variety show alongside Park Seo Joon, Ji Chang Wook, and Ahn Bo Hyun.

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