Idris Elba Is A Genie In George Miller’s 3,000 Years Of Longing Trailer

The first trailer for George Miller’s
Three Thousand Years of Longing arrives revealing Idris Elba starring as a genie in the fantasy epic. The upcoming film centers on Alithea, a scholar that feels content in her life who encounters a Djinn that has been trapped for 3,000 years and offers her three wishes in exchange for his freedom. While having a discussion in an Istanbul hotel room, the two learn more about one another and leads to a situation neither had anticipated.,Idris Elba is leading the cast of 
Three Thousand Years of Longing as the Djinn alongside Tilda Swinton as Alithea, Aamito Lagum, Burco Gölgedar and Matteo Bocelli. Development on the film was first announced in late 2018 when 
Mad Max creator George Miller set the fantasy epic as his next project and cast Elba and Swinton shortly thereafter with the hopes of beginning production in late 2019. Following delays due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 
Three Thousand Years of Longing would finally begin filming in late 2020 in Miller’s home country of Australia and now audiences are getting their first glimpse at the long-awaited project.,Related: Why George Miller Was Right To Recast Charlize Theron For Mad Max Spinoff Furiosa,Ahead of the film’s Cannes premiere, 
MGM has unveiled the first 
Three Thousand Years of Longing trailer. The brief video reveals Idris Elba starring as a genie in George Miller’s fantasy epic and announces that the official trailer will be premiering this Friday. Check out the teaser below:,Click here to watch the trailer,Though only a very brief snippet of footage from the film, the first 
Three Thousand Years of Longing trailer is sure to create some anticipation for the upcoming epic. The reveal of Elba starring as a millennia-old Djinn is sure to capture the most interest amongst audiences, leaving many to wonder whether he will be a more friendly genie akin to Robin Williams’ beloved 
Aladdin character or whether he will take on a more menacing persona similar to that of Andrew Divoff’s 
Wishmaster movies, especially as the film explores his impact on the past. However, given 
Three Thousand Years of Longing is described as an epic fantasy romance, it seems more likely Elba’s Djinn will be a more benevolent being than a malicious one.,The upcoming arrival of 
Three Thousand Years of Longing also comes as George Miller is finally gaining some ground with his 
Mad Max future franchise plans, currently filming the long-awaited 
Furiosa prequel with Anya Taylor-Joy in Australia for a May 2024 release. Miller’s efforts for the new movie had been stalled due to a salary dispute between the filmmaker and studio, which was finally settled in 2020. While audiences await further details on the 
Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, they can look forward to the full trailer of 
Three Thousand Years of Longing finally arriving this Friday followed by by its August 31 release.,More: Every Upcoming Idris Elba Movie,Source: MGM