HYBE Shares Response To LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam’s Alleged Victim’s New Statement

Update: LE SSERAFIM Cancels Entire Schedule For Today Amidst Growing Controversy Over Kim Garam’s Allegations

HYBE has released a new official statement regarding ongoing school violence rumors about LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam.

On May 19, the alleged victim (hereafter referred to as “A”) of Kim Garam’s school violence released an official statement through their legal representative. In the statement, they shared, “the ‘Notice of School Violence Committee Results’ that has recently been revealed on online communities is true. Kim Garam’s school violence is also true.” “A” then requested a sincere apology from HYBE, adding that they would reveal more evidence if they do not receive one.

Read HYBE and Source Music’s joint response statement here:

Hello, this is HYBE/Source Music.

We are releasing our stance regarding the ‘Victim’s Statement of LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam’s School Violence,” distributed to the press today (May 19) by law firm Daeryun.

First, as the current matter regarding LE SSERAFIM’s member Kim Garam has to do with many minors, we find it unfortunate that Daeryun has taken one-sided measures to release their statements to multiple media outlets.

Since Daeryun has organized and announced the part of the matter that actually occurred in 2018 in an advantageous manner, we’d like to say that we will also organize our stance and announce it as soon as possible. Therefore, we please ask that journalists refrain from reporting based only on one side’s argument.

We want to once again emphasize that this controversy began when false claims were spread regarding a member whose debut was imminent. We judged that this spread of false information was malicious so we immediately began taking legal action, and this step is currently in process.

Even while this member was the target of anonymous malicious attacks online, the reason we did not make an official statement is because the situation that arose when this member was in her first year of middle school has to do with various friends of her age. Since they are all still underage, we’ve merely been approaching with caution.

However, the truth of this situation from 2018 is currently only being conveyed by one side, so as soon as we finish examining Daeryun’s claims, we will announce our clearly organized position.

Thank you.

As soon as Kim Garam was announced as a member of LE SSERAFIM, the member was swept up in school violence rumors, which Source Music quickly denied. Earlier this week, Source Music and Kim Garam’s former school issued brief statements in response to alleged new evidence of her school violence.

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