Gotham Doesn’t Respect its Supervillains, & One Weird Detail Proves it

It’s tough being a supervillain in Gotham: not only is there Batman and his entire cohort to contend with, but the city has also become so rife with super-crime that Gotham simply does not respect its villains anymore. With Gotham City being infamous for crime of all levels, it’s a small wonder that the population has grown so jaded toward its rogues’ gallery. Wayne Family Adventures by Starbite and CRC Payne shows how far this lack of respect goes, with Gotham turning its murderous criminal population into fast-food mascots.,The audacity of using super-villains to hawk fast food is jaw-dropping considering just how protective such villains are of their personal brands. The Joker, in particular, is notoriously protective of his image: in Batman: The Animated Series, Season 1, Episode 42, “Joker’s Wild,” businessman Cameron Kaiser opens a Joker-themed casino as part of an insurance scam, knowing the Clown Prince of Crime wouldn’t tolerate someone else making money off of his likeness and would destroy the business in retaliation. Likewise, in The Batman Adventures: Mad Love by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, the Joker nearly kills Harley Quinn after she dares to attempt one of his plans that he’d discarded for not being funny enough. Whether civilian or fellow villain, the Joker simply will not allow anyone else to share his limelight.,Related: Joker Finally Explains The Key Difference Between Him and Riddler,It’s not just the Joker who is serious about protecting his image – DC villains across the board take their names very seriously. For example, in The Flash #206 by Geoff Johns, Alberto Dose, Howard Porter, and John Livesay, Captain Cold takes personal offense when Mr. Element, a murderer targeting police officers, steals his temperature-based modus operandi. Cold’s response is swift and brutal: after a brief lecture about the Rogue’s code of ethics (and indeed, the fact that they even have a code marks the Rogues as some of DC’s smartest villains), he kills the unfortunate villain right before the Flash’s eyes.,With all of this in mind, the presence of a Bat-Burger restaurant with supervillain-theming should be a ludicrous proposition. Such an establishment would seem primed to attract the ire of at least one villain looking to destroy it, either because it celebrates Batman or because it profits off of their image. The fact that Wayne Family Adventures’ Gotham seems to have stopped caring about such an event is the ultimate sign of disrespect: that far from super, their villains have passed into the mundane banality of burgers.,More: Bane Breaking Batman’s Back Was the Ultimate Sign of Respect