Endgame Director Reveals In Detail How Involved Marvel Gets In MCU Movies

Joe Russo, co-director of
Avengers: Endgame, reveals how involved Marvel Studios really is in their MCU movies. Tasked to wrap up the Infinity Saga, Joe and his brother, Anthony Russo, spearheaded the last two
Avengers films to great success. Before that, however, the directing duo, alongside collaborating writers, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus already had a long working relationship with Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios.,The Russo brothers, who were initially best known for their work in the hit show
Community, were brought in to direct 2014’s
Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which became a critical and commercial hit. They returned in
Captain America: Civil War which effectively functioned as their resume for
Avengers: Infinity War and
Avengers: Endgame. Having spearheaded four blockbuster films for the MCU over almost a decade, it’s safe to say that they know how exactly Feige handles creative decisions in his projects. Despite some presumptions, it sounds like Marvel Studios is quite collaborative with their movies.,Related: The MCU’s Epic 2032 Plan Isn’t As Big As Kevin Feige’s Tease Suggests,In a new interview with Empire (via
The Direct), Joe Russo details when exactly issues potentially arise between Marvel Studios and filmmakers which is when the director’s cut gets delivered and it doesn’t align with their expectations. From there, Feige or any of his team members becomes more involved. Personally, however, Joe says that they were hands-off to them. Read his full quote below:,There’s a notion that Marvel Studios heavily meddles with the creative process of its filmmakers since the MCU is typically always criticized for having formulaic movies. Admittedly, there’s merit to this observation considering that so many of its film repeats the same three-arc structure. That being said, it doesn’t also mean that Feige is making all the creative choices in their films. Granted that Marvel Studios has lost several directors over the years due to creative differences, the latest of which is
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness helmer, Scott Derrickson, their directors, for the most part, echo Joe Russo’s sentiments about having storytelling liberties.,As the MCU expands in Phase 4 with the addition of its Disney+ pocket, it seems like they are also being bolder in their creative choices. Perhaps, this is to combat the idea that Marvel Studios’ projects are one and the same. For what it’s worth, the Russos definitely made their mark in the franchise, proving that they had creative control over their projects.
Avengers: Endgame, most notably, deviated from the usual three-arc structure that the MCU is known for and tackled a far more complicated narrative than fans of the universe were used to at that point.,More: Iron Man Already Proved The Illuminati Exists In The MCU’s Main Timeline,Source: Empire (via The Direct)