Venom is Absolutely Humiliating Spider-Man’s Classic Villains

Warning: Contains spoilers for Venom: Lethal Protector #2!,In the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man and Venom are typically known as foes, but when he goes up against Spidey’s villains, Venom tends to defeat them in embarrassing ways. This shows that even though he has heroic qualities, Venom is still not 100 percent a good guy.,Venom has bounced back and forth over the years between being a villain and an antihero. This is most likely due to his self-righteous sense of worth during his origin. The symbiote thought of itself as a hero when it worked with Spider-Man, just as Eddie Brock did when he was a reporter. Having both felt betrayed by Spider-Man, the duo combined to create Venom to punish Spider-Man for what they felt was an injustice. But all along, they still considered themselves a lethal protector.,Related: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: What Happened The Last Time Venom Fought Kraven,This heroic part of Venom’s life is being retold in Venom: Lethal Protector. In issue #2, which was written by Venom co-creator David Michelinie and illustrated by Ivan Fiorelli, Venom encounters the Spider-Man foe Hydro Man. At first Venom struggles against the liquid bad guy, but he quickly figures out a way to defeat him by mixing him with detergents and popping his bubbles. This humiliating defeat is similar to when Venom was in the Sinister Six and attacked Sandman, poisoning him with a bite so bad that Sandman lost the ability to keep himself together.,The interesting thing about these two examples is that Venom deals with them in total opposite fashion. With Sandman he lashed out like the monster he is and bit Sandman without much thinking. With Hydro Man, Venom has to use his smarts and see what is around him in order to overpower the watery foe. But even though he handles them in completely different ways, the outcomes are still the same in that both bad guys are defeated in embarrassment. Hydro Man even says as much when he washes down the drain.,Comparing Venom and Spider-Man as heroes isn’t exactly comparing apples to apples. The proof is right there in Venom’s name: he refers to himself as a “lethal” protector, which goes against everything Spidey believes in. Spider-Man views it as his responsibility to help everyone, all forms of life, equally. In that regard, he would never refer to himself as a lethal protector. Venom has no such qualms. For him the ends always justify the means, especially if it means embarrassing his opponents along the way. So while Spider-Man is content to just web up his bad guys and leave them for the cops, Venom’s style is to beat them when they’re down.,Next: Venom’s Mystical Reveal Just Changed Marvel Lore Forever