Terrifier 2 Image Reveals Gory New Look at Returning Character

A new behind-the-scenes image from
Terrifier 2
 reveals the return of Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Heyes.
 was released in 2016 and focused on a killer clown named Art, who first appeared in short films and 2013’s
All Hallows’ Eve before Damien Leone’s movie. In 2019,
Terrifier 2 was confirmed to be in the works, and the movie wrapped filming in June 2021. Leone is returning to direct the sequel, with David Howard Thornton reprising his role as Art the Clown.,The first trailer for 
Terrifier 2 revealed the return of Art, but Scaffidi will also be appearing in the sequel. Her character was the sole survivor of the original film, narrowly escaping Art’s wrath. 
Terrifier ended with Art hitting Vicky with a pick-up truck and eating her face while she lay unconscious. As the police arrive, Art shoots himself in the head and is taken to the morgue. In line with many horror movies’ endings, Art turns out to be alive and kills the medical examiner. Vicky is last seen in the final shot of 
Terrifier, where she is revealed to be the woman Monica Brown was interviewing at the beginning of the movie.,Related: Terrifier: How Art The Clown Updated Killer Clown Movies,Now, Leone has given the first look at Victoria Heyes in 
Terrifier 2. The director confirmed Scaffidi’s return, where he also shared the character’s updated makeup for the sequel, which he crafted himself. The director’s original post with the new gory look at 
Terrifier 2 can be seen in his post below:,Click here to view the post on Instagram,There have been a few updates on 
Terrifier 2 since 2019, but fans are still waiting for the sequel to come out. Like many movies shooting in 2020, 
Terrifier 2 was massively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, making its original 2020 release date impossible to achieve. 
Terrifier 2 has also had trouble reaching a distribution deal, which has played a part in the film’s delayed release date. With an official release date yet to be set, any update on
Terrifier 2 is welcome. The movie looks to be centered on an entirely new group of characters, yet bringing back Victoria Heyes seems like a smart move given how pivotal her role was in the first film.,Since Scaffidi wasn’t seen in 
Terrifier 2‘s trailer, details surrounding her character are very much a mystery. Art will be hunting down two siblings in the sequel, so Victoria may not play a significant role in the story. It’s also unknown if Victoria will be an ally to the new characters. The first movie showed Victoria brutally attacking her interviewer after Victoria overheard her making fun of her physical appearance. 
Terrifier 2 will need to answer quite a few questions the original film left unanswered, such as how Art survived his gunshot wound, so hopefully the sequel will show the aftermath of Brown’s attack and what Victoria has been doing since then.,More: Terrifier: Art The Clown’s Changes Explained,Source: Damien Leone