Marcos to Xi: Expand China-Phl relation

Presumptive president Bongbong Marcos is optimistic that the relations between China and the Philippines are set to shift to a higher gear and is bound for more fruitful and meaningful outcomes for the two countries under his administration following his conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping.,The former senator said he had a “lengthy telephone conversation” with the Chinese leader, which centered on how the China-Philippines bilateral relations could be strengthened.,“We have discussed many things. We talked about the way forward for the China-Philippine relationship. So, the discussion was good, very substantial,” Marcos said, as he was quoted in a press release.,Marcos added he proposed that relations between the two countries could be expanded, not only in terms of bilateral trade but in other sectors as well.,“I told him, from my perspective, the way forward is to expand our relationship not only diplomatic, not only trade but also in culture, even in education, even in knowledge, even in health to address whatever minor disagreements that we have right now,” he disclosed.,“I also told him that we must not allow what conflicts or difficulties we have now between our two countries to become historically important,” he added.,Marcos said that Xi also acknowledged the role his father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos, played in the opening of diplomatic relations between their two countries.,“So, I told him that the relationship between China and the Philippines is very, very important (not just) as a matter of foreign relations but also, there is an added facet because the opening of diplomatic relationships with the People’s Republic of China and the Philippines as started by my father should continue to grow,” he said.,Marcos said they both agreed to hold further bilateral talks to have a more comprehensive discussion of the issues.