Iron Man Finally Proves He’s Smarter Than Reed Richards

Warning: contains spoilers for Thor #25!,Marvel’s Reed Richards is widely considered the “smartest man alive” in the world, but he’s just been replaced by Iron Man via the leader of the Fantastic Four’s horrific scientific mistake. Mr. Fantastic has created flying cars, teleportation, advanced medical cures for diseases and more, and he’s often the smartest individual in multiple universes (as seen when multiverse variants formed the Council of Reeds). But Thor #25 proves that Reed Richards may not be as worthy of the title as he thought.,Tony Stark and Reed Richards are not the only scientific geniuses in the Marvel Universe. Peter Parker is a scientific prodigy, who created his own Spider-Man webbing in a process that the top minds on the planet have difficulty replicating, and Bruce Banner is a foremost expert on gamma radiation. But Bruce’s destructive nature as the Hulk prevent him from being held is as high esteem as his colleagues, and indeed the Hulk’s latest rampage is what brings the Avengers together – along with Reed Richards and Tony Stark.,Related: Who Will Be Reed Richards In The MCU Fantastic Four?,In Thor #25, written by Donny Cates with art by Martin Coccolo, the Avengers gather together to discuss Hulk’s latest attack, which ended with 17 civilians killed in El Paso, Texas. They realize Hulk and Thor are fighting in the Black Hand of God, the severed hand of a dead Celestial. Iron Man claimed to come across this information because his deep-space satellite network recorded “…A sound in space. Something so loud that its vibrational frequency completely fried one of my space babies.” Iron Man claims it was a voice – the Hulk’s voice shouting “Hulk smash.” Reed is truly astonished and wonders how Tony could possibly acquire the resources to monitor the vastness of space. “I’m kidding, Reed,” answers Iron Man. “I have no idea how to do any of that. Thor’s ravens told me where Hulk is.” ,The fact that Reed is more astonished at Iron Man’s stellar surveillance capabilities rather than a sound in space speaks volumes about the character. Space cannot carry sound because there is no air to carry sound – something even non-geniuses would kn0w (and Reed should definitely know). The Hulk cannot possibly scream loud enough for sound to carry in space because the lack of air prevents vibrations from becoming ‘loud’ in the first place. Reed Richards is usually smarter than Tony Stark in many instances, but this lapse in judgement is astonishing.,If anything, the panel above proves Reed is as jealous as he is intelligent. Mr. Fantastic, the owner and operator of the Baxter Building, has created inventions that can travel through space and time and even other dimensions, and believes that if anyone has the technology to monitor space, it’s him. Mr. Fantastic forgetting a basic fact about vibrations proves Reed Richards’ mind is as fallible as any other – and perhaps Iron Man ought to be known as Earth’s “smartest man alive.”,Next: Iron Man Is Officially Over His Famous MCU Romance