Hayden Christensen Praises Star Wars Prequels’ Nuanced & Complex Story

Hayden Christensen praises the nuanced and complex story of the 
Star Wars prequels. Released between 1999-2005, the trilogy told the story of Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the dark side, revealing how the heroic Jedi became Darth Vader. The prequels were highly anticipated and all performed well at the box office, but initially were not as well-received when compared to the beloved original 
Star Wars trilogy. Much criticism was directed towards George Lucas’ apparent over-reliance on CGI, wooden dialogue, and certain performances (including Christensen’s Anakin). Some of the backlash was so intense, Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best contemplated suicide.,Nowadays, the prequels are seen in a more positive light, with viewers (particularly those who grew up with the prequels) appreciating what Lucas was striving for in his approach. With years to reflect, reassessments of the prequels peg the films as ones with a compelling, tragic story at their core – which helped expand 
Star Wars canon in several significant ways. This improved reputation is what’s fueling excitement for the upcoming 
Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series, which sees Ewan McGregor and Christensen reprise their prequel roles. The two actors have commented on the films’ warmer reception, and now Christensen looks back at the movies themselves.,Related: Obi-Wan Hints At Repeating the Best Part of His Star Wars Prequels Story,In an interview with 
StarWars.com to commemorate 
Attack of the Clones’ 20th anniversary, Christensen discussed his recent rewatch of the prequel trilogy as he prepared for his 
Obi-Wan Kenobi return. The actor found a lot to admire in the movies. Check out his response in the space below:,There certainly are a lot of moving parts to the prequels. Anakin’s arc has relatable, emotional layers to it, as he’s motivated by fear of losing his loved ones. His turn came from good intentions, making his journey all the more sad. In addition to Anakin’s rise and fall, the trilogy also serves as an origin story for the Galactic Empire. Depicting the Jedi Order at the height of their powers, Lucas showed how their hubris caused their downfall, portraying the Jedi as flawed people in positions of power (which would later inform aspects of the 
Star Wars sequel trilogy). It’s very fascinating to watch unfold, and even though some may still have issues with Lucas’ execution, most are in agreement he had strong ideas to propel the films forward.,Lucas’ vision also applies to his filmmaking techniques, which typically were state-of-the-art for the time. Among his innovations on the prequels were a main CGI character (which paved the way for Gollum and others) and shooting 
Attack of the Clones entirely on digital. In retrospect, the prequels were very important works for the medium in terms of technology (similar to the original 
Star Wars movies in that respect). It may have taken a while for people to come around on the 
Star Wars prequels, but it’s nice to see Christensen and others involved with the trilogy can enjoy viewers’ newfound appreciation for them.,Next: Star Wars: How Andor Visiting the Senate Could Strengthen the Prequels,Source: StarWars.com