Watch Nightmare on Elm Street Star’s New Horror Short Cottonmouth

A Nightmare on Elm Street
 star Heather Langenkamp stars in a new horror short called
Cottonmouth, and it’s available to watch online now. Langenkamp’s acting career began in 1984 when she starred in the TV movie
Passions. That same year, she starred in Wes Craven’s
A Nightmare on Elm Street as Nancy Thompson alongside Robert Englund’s Freddy Krueger. The actor has starred in a variety of projects since then, but because of the popularity of
A Nightmare on Elm Street, Langenkamp’s career is mostly linked with the horror genre.,One of her more recent projects is a short horror film called
Cottonmouth from directors Danny Salemme and Zach Wincik. Langenkamp stars as Jenn, a woman who is convinced someone is sneaking into her room at night and drinking from her water glass.
Cottonmouth was inspired by the effects of climate change and was initially pitched on its Indiegogo campaign as a
“contemporary spin on the classic ‘monster in the closet.’” The campaign led to the movie reaching 91% of its budget’s goal, and the film was eventually filmed in a single night during the pandemic.
Cottonmouth has gone on to win a handful of awards at horror festivals, including Best Actress, Best Directors, and Best Micro-Budget Short.
 ,Related: 2022 Proves It’s Not Too Late To Reboot Nightmare On Elm Street,While screenings of
Cottonmouth have been premiering for the last few years, Langenkamp’s short film can now be viewed on YouTube for free on the official
Cottonmouth Film account. The premise is fairly simple, showing Langenkamp waking up every hour to check the level of the water glass next to her bed. She then moves the piece of tape on the glass before setting up her phone to record whoever or whatever is entering her room. Check out the full short film below:,Click here to view the video on YouTube,Langenkamp hasn’t been acting as much as she used to, so it’s great to see her in the spotlight, even in a low-budget horror short. Langenkamp previously worked on
Hellraiser: Judgement
and with Wincik having connections with the people working on that film, he was able to convince the
Nightmare on Elm Street actor to join their project. The actor didn’t have any lines in
Cottonmouth, yet the filmmakers have previously praised Langenkamp for her contributions to her character Jenn and her professionalism on set.
 ,Even though the short is only four and a half minutes, it was filmed as a proof-of-concept for a feature-length film. Plenty of low-budget horror shorts have been adapted into full movies like
Lights Out,
Mama, and
Saw, so there is always the potential for the same thing to happen with
Cottonmouth, especially if Langenkamp were to return again. The underlying message about climate change could also
 be an interesting concept to see adapted into a full-length movie should a bigger studio become interested in Salemme’s script. Until then, Cottonmouth will hopefully get the exposure it deserves now that it’s on YouTube.,More: Why Lights Out 2 Still Hasn’t Happened,Source: Cottonmouth Film