Two-Face Will Decide The Future of Gotham City With One Coin-Flip

The official @DCBatman Twitter account made several villain one-shot announcements with the hashtag #BatmanOneBadDay, each featuring members of Batman’s notorious rogues’ gallery, including Harvey Dent aka Two-Face. It was teased that there would be eight books announced, which so far in addition to Two-Face have put Riddler, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze front and center.,Widely considered one of Batman’s greatest villains, Two-Face was originally on the law’s side, serving as the District Attorney. He was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger with his first appearance back in 1942’s Detective Comics #66 in a story called “The Crimes of Two-Face.” While Batman would apprehend the criminals, Dent would do his best to make sure they were brought to justice in the courtroom. However, in the most famous version of his origin, his heroic endeavors led to a mob boss throwing acid in his face, partially disfiguring him and fully unleashing his dual identity of Two-Face. Now, Harvey’s justice is determined by the flip of a coin.,RELATED: Red Hood’s Revenge for His Fan-Vote Death Is Still His Most Meta Moment,The @DCBatman account on Twitter announced the Two-Face one-shot. The post is filled with the concept of duality, once more playing up the dual identity of Harvey Dent and Two-Face alongside Bruce Wayne and Batman with the city’s fate dependent on the flip of a coin. The one-shot will be written by Mariko Tamaki, who is historically the second woman to write regularly for a Batman title. She is joined by King Spawn artist Javier Fernandez.,The hashtag #BatmanOneBadDay within these posts implies a connection, even if just thematically, with the infamous Batman: Killing Joke, a story featuring one of the many versions of Joker’s origin story. It hints at Joker’s line and belief that anyone who has one bad day can become insane. This concept has remained in Batman lore to this day with Paul Dano’s recent interpretation of Riddler in the Robert Pattinson The Batman film seeming to follow in these footsteps as well. Considering Riddler himself is also getting a gruesome One Bad Day comic, it’s an exciting time to be a fan of Batman’s villains.,Most interpretations of Two-Face also have Harvey as one of Bruce Wayne’s few close friends, making Two-Face one of Batman’s most tragic villains. This earns him quite a high spot in the Dark Knight’s rogues’ gallery for many Batman fans. So it will be interesting to see how this latest iteration compares to the character’s legendary history at DC Comics when the one-shot releases in September 2022.,MORE: Two-Face Has the Best Origin in Comics (And It Killed His Popularity),Look for DC’s upcoming Two-Face one-shot when it releases in September of 2022.,Source: @DCBatman