IU Continues Tradition Of Making Meaningful Donation On Her Birthday

IU is continuing the heartwarming tradition with another generous donation made on her birthday!

On May 16, the artist’s agency EDAM Entertainment shared that IU made a donation totaling 210 million won (approximately $163,516) to organizations including The Snail of Love, Korean Unwed Mothers’ Families Association, Eden I Ville, and social welfare foundation Changinwon.

A representative of the agency said, “IU is able to spend an especially meaningful birthday by sending love to those in need of warm support with her many fans who have celebrated her birthday.”

The donations will go towards funding surgeries and treatment for youth with hearing disabilities, supporting single-parent households, and assisting youth centers and centers for the disabled.

IU has been making annual donations in the name of “IUAENA,” which combines her name with her fandom’s name, on special days and anniversaries.

EDAM Entertainment shared receipts of the artist’s donations with a message saying:

Birthdays come every year, but we want to spread warmth this year as well with UAENA.

We hope that this May can be a cozy one for all those pushing forward underneath the warm spring sunshine as well as those taking a brief break in the shade.

And of course, to our UAENA who are celebrating with happy hearts more than anyone else, thank you always!

매년 맞이하는 생일이지만
올해에도 유애나와 함께
온기를 나누고자 합니다.

따스한 봄의 햇빛 아래
열심히 앞으로 나아가는 이들도,
잠시 그늘 아래서 쉬어가는 이들도,
모두 함께 포근한 5월을 만끽하길 바랍니다.

그리고 누구보다 기쁜 마음으로 축하해 주는
우리 유애나? 늘 고마워요? pic.twitter.com/L9y7vvTgyv

— EDAM Ent. (@edam_ent) May 16, 2022

IU is gearing up for the premiere of her film “Broker” coming up on June 8. She has also been invited to the 75th Cannes International Film Festival, which she is expected to attend.

Check out her performance in “Hotel Del Luna” here:

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