Former NU’EST Member Kim Jong Hyun (JR) Signs With EVERMORE Entertainment

Former NU’EST member Kim Jong Hyun (JR) has signed an exclusive contract with EVERMORE Entertainment!

On May 16 KST, EVERMORE Entertainment released the artist’s new profile images and announced, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Kim Jong Hyun.” As Kim Jong Hyun’s new trusty companion, EVERMORE Entertainment will help support his growth as an artist so he can showcase a wide variety of activities.

The agency commented, “We’re happy to be able to work with Kim Jong Hyun. We will fully support him so he can showcase his abilities in a wide variety of fields in his promotions as a solo musician and as an actor. Please watch over Kim Jong Hyun with an affectionate gaze as he prepares for a new step.”

Warm greetings to Jonghyeon#KimJonghyeon #김종현#EVERMOREENTERTAINMENT #에버모어엔터테인먼트

— 에버모어 엔터테인먼트(EVERMORE ENTERTAINMENT) (@evermore_ent) May 16, 2022

EVERMORE Entertainment is home to global band Bursters and singer songwriter AIVAN, and was formerly the representatives for Kim Ba Da, Boohwal’s Jung Dong Ha, and vocal group VOISPER.

Kim Jong Hyun debuted in 2012 as NU’EST’s leader JR. This past February, NU’EST announced their disbandment as JR, Aron, and Ren parted ways with PLEDIS Entertainment while Baekho and Minhyun renewed their contracts. On March 15, NU’EST released their final “the best” album “Needle & Bubble.” Earlier this month, Ren signed a contract with Big Planet Made.

Watch Kim Jong Hyun in “Let Me Be Your Knight” below!

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