Batman Fans React to Hints Bruce Wayne Is Bisexual

Warning! Spoilers for Batman: The Knight #5 by DC Comics,DC Comics just dropped a major hint that Batman might be bisexual, as the latest issue of Batman: The Knight #5 has comic fans reacting following a very tender moment shared with a close associate. In the comic, a young Bruce Wayne gets close to his fellow trainee Anton, as the pair share a deep look into each other eyes, as it seems they’re about to kiss before they are interrupted. While DC Comics isn’t confirming Batman is bi, the moment offers a clear hint it’s possible.,Batman’s been running in a pretty inclusive circle, as the Bat-Family is filled with members of the LGBTQIA+ heroes. For example, Ghostmaker, one of Bruce Wayne’s earliest friends, is bisexual. Tim Drake, one of Batman’s longtime Robins, was also recently revealed to be bisexual, as the hero will star in his own story in DC’s upcoming Pride celebration comic. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn is also bisexual, as she’s famously been with both men and women, with her main love interest being the villain, Poison Ivy. Now, DC hints that Bruce Wayne could be bisexual in a new comic.,Related: Batman’s Demon Form Reveals How the World Actually Sees Him,In Batman: The Knight #5 by Chip Zdarsky, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Ivan Plascencia, and Pat Brosseau, a young Bruce, and his fellow trainee Anton are broken free from a Russian prison by ex-KGB agent Avery Oblonsky, who also reveals themselves to be Alexei Yahontov, the department chief of the FSB – the person Bruce was looking for to help train him in espionage. Bruce and Anton are taught about seduction, with both getting out of their mission alive despite complications. On the rooftop, Bruce admits he’s worried about returning to Gotham as a failure and questions himself. Anton responds by calling him “amazing” and admits he “thought I was alone in the world” as the pair look into each other’s eyes. It appears they might kiss, but they are interrupted by Oblonsky.,The scene between Bruce Wayne and Anton (who many believe is Ghost-Maker under a different alias) caught the attention of readers, who reacted to the hint Batman might be bisexual.,Interestingly enough, this comes after flirty interactions between the Dark Knight and John Constantine in last week’s Batman: Urban Legends.,The moment certainly hints that the reactions about Batman/Bruce Wayne being bisexual might have merit, but it’s important to remember DC Comics hasn’t officially confirmed that. However, given how much more inclusive the publisher has become over the past decade and how main characters, like Jon Kent’s Superman and Tim Drake’s Robin, have been confirmed as bi, it’s not a stretch to assume that’s what DC could be suggesting here. Although, it’s possible that a young Bruce Wayne was A) playing Ghost-Maker in the game of seduction to get what he wanted B) Was just bi-curious at the time as he was still coming into his own identity. Is Batman bisexual? Not officially. Does the comic panel suggest that could/or is currently changing? Sure. Time will tell if DC elaborates on the surprising hint.,Next: Batman’s Controversial Film Origin Returns in Dinosaur Justice League