Amy Adams & Maya Rudolph Face Off In First Enchanted 2 Image

Disney releases a first look image for Enchanted 2 – officially titled Disenchanted – featuring Amy Adams reprising her role from the original film and Maya Rudolph as a new character. The first Enchanted was released in 2007, where it was a box office hit for Disney and received a bevy of positive reviews. Talks for a sequel began as early as 2010, but the project languished in development hell for over a decade before receiving the green light from Disney.,Disenchanted will follow Giselle and Robert (Adams and Patrick Dempsey) ten years after the events of the first film when the couple moves to a suburb overseen by the nefarious Malvina Monroe (Rudolph), who causes problems for the couple. Giselle soon after wishes their lives were a perfect fairytale, inadvertently sending everyone to her homeland of the Kingdom of Andalasia. Similar to its predecessor, Disenchanted will be a musical and will feature even more songs than the original. Idina Menzel and James Marsden are also set to reprise their roles from the first Enchanted.,Related: Enchanted 2 Can Prove The Greatest Lie Of Disney Princess Movies,Disney tweeted out the first Disenchanted image featuring Adams and Rudolph dressed in royal regalia as they stare each other down. Rudolph’s character is dressed in mostly black and wears a crown, invoking an “Evil Queen” sort of vibe for her villainous role. At the same time, Giselle’s outfit is noticeably darker than her previous looks, perhaps hinting at her maturing nature. The caption reaffirms that Disenchanted will debut this Thanksgiving (November 24) and stream exclusively on Disney+. Check out the image below:,Click here to see the original post.,The image presumably takes place in the Kingdom of Andalasia, but is live-action in contrast to the fully animated version that was depicted in the first film, suggesting the worlds are colliding in a metaphysical sense. It’s been said that Enchanted 2 took so long to make due to scripting issues, and it’s possible that part of the disagreements were based on how the film should be presented with animation and live-action, along with the other satirical and meta elements that make up the film’s comedy. It’s been reported that parts of Disenchanted will be animated, but won’t feature more animation than the first film.,Disenchanted has a tricky balancing act to pull off, as it must pay homage to the Disney tropes that inspired it while satirizing them at the same time, as well as having to top the first film on those fronts. With the amount of time in between films, the audience that Enchanted was made for has aged significantly and will require a new take on its deconstructive elements. However, with the return of the composers and core cast, as well as exciting new additions like Rudolph, Disenchanted could shape up to be a sequel that justifies all the time in-between.,Next: Why Enchanted 2 Has Taken 15 Years To Happen,Source: Walt Disney Studios/Twitter