Alien Fan Poster Honors Often Uncredited Xenomorph Actor Bolaji Badejo

A piece of
Alien fan art celebrates an actor often uncredited for his work in the movie, Bolaji Badejo. Ridley Scott’s
Alien is often regarded as one of the best Sci-Fi horror movies of all time, partly because it introduced audiences to a new terrifying creature called the Xenomorph. The franchise’s first on-screen Xenomorph was born after it popped out of Kane’s (John Hurt) chest before slowly picking off the Nostromo’s crew members. By the end of the film, the creature is sucked out of an airlock and blasted into space when Ripley turns on the ship’s engines.
 ,Alien had an impressive cast, with the likes of Hurt, Tom Skerritt, and Harry Dean Stanton being well-known actors prior to 1979. Sigourney Weaver had only been in a few projects prior to Scott’s film, but
Alien opened the door for Weaver to star in big franchises like
Ghostbusters. Unlike Weaver and the other cast members, Badejo’s contribution to the movie is often undervalued despite him playing one of the most important roles in the movie.
Alien stands as the Nigerian actor’s only film credit, with Badejo later deciding to move back to Nigeria to open an art gallery before passing away at the age of 39 from sickle cell anemia.,Related: Alien: Every Actress Who Almost Played Ellen Ripley,Because of the actor’s short-lived career and his face being covered by the Xenomorph costume, many don’t know about Badejo. However, a new fan poster celebrates the actor’s work on
Alien. Francesco Francavilla created a new poster for Alien Day, showing Badejo’s face split next to a Xenomorph, and his post can be seen below:,Click here to see the post on Instagram,It’s possible Badejo could have become more well-known had he continued his acting career, but James Cameron’s 
Aliens would have diminished Badejo’s role had he decided to return. Despite being just as praised as the original
, Aliens was more of an action-packed war movie, featuring dozens of Xenomorphs and a queen Alien that laid facehugger eggs. Most of the stunt performers in 
Aliens get even less recognition than Badejo because of how many actors played Xenomorphs. The sequel, prequel, and 
Predator crossover films also featured several CGI Xenomorphs, eliminating the need for actors in many scenes.,With all that in mind, it’s disappointing that Badejo doesn’t get more recognition for playing the first-ever Xenomorph. Actors like 
Friday the 13th‘s Kane Hodder are well-known within the horror community despite being covered by a mask and prosthetics, so it’s a shame Badejo doesn’t get more credit. The actor effectively brought the Xenomorph to life, and while 
Alien may have been destined to be a success for Scott regardless of who played the creature, Badejo certainly helped make the creature one of the most recognizable monsters in horror.,More: Why Alien’s Future Is On TV & Not Movies,Source: Francesco Francavilla