Rust Movie Producer Confident Filming Will Be Completed

Rust producer Anjul Nigam recently claimed he is confident that filming will be completed on the movie once the criminal investigation into the production’s tragic accident is concluded. On October 21, 2021, the film’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, was accidentally shot and killed by a prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin during the rehearsal of a scene. Director Joel Souza was also shot by the same round after it passed through Hutchins. It was later reported that the prop firearm was unknowingly loaded with live ammunition prior to the fatal shooting and not thoroughly checked before the rehearsal.,Production on the film has been on hold following the tragedy due to the ensuing criminal investigation as well as a litany of legal suits filed against varying parties involved in the incident. In February, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Nigram, Baldwin, and the other producers of
Rust from the Hutchins family.
Rust‘s producers were fined a maximum amount of $139,793 by the state of New Mexico for lack of safety. These suits, coupled with the ongoing investigation by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, have led to the production being placed on-hold indefinitely.,Related: Why Prop Guns Can Be Lethal: The Real Danger On Film Sets,Per
THR, Nigam recently claimed that the film will be finished after the investigation into the death of Hutchins has come to an end. Even though the producer acknowledged the weight of the situation and the film’s negative perception following the incident, he remains positive that
Rust will be completed. Read what Nigam had to say below.,Although Nigam is assured that the movie will be finished, there have been no details regarding how close the film is to its completion. Obviously, multiple scenes with Baldwin will need to be re-shot, and Souza may also need to rewrite a portion of the film’s screenplay to accommodate any changes regarding gun-play and
Rust‘s use of real firearms. A return to the film may prove to be a controversial endeavor, and not without its vocal critics, especially from Hutchins’ family. However, the status on the film remains to be seen barring the results of the Santa Fe criminal investigation.,Although
Rust‘s shooting was a heartbreaking tragedy, there have been a history of Hollywood films which have also suffered terrible deaths and then went on to finish their productions. Brandon Lee was famously shot and killed on the set of
The Crow, yet production was completed and the film was released in theaters to mostly positive critic and audience reception. While filming a Vietnam helicopter sequence for John Landis’ segment in the
Twilight Zone film, star Vic Morrow and two children suffered gruesome deaths which resulted in criminal charges and a protracted public trial. However, that film was still completed and released in theaters in 1983. Although
Rust has received a lot of negative public attention, upon the criminal investigation’s completion, there is still a chance that the film could be finished and delivered to the public.,Next: Every Real Life Figure Alec Baldwin Has Played In Movies & TV,Source: THR