Daria Spinoff Jodie Is Now An Animated Film Instead of Series

Daria spinoff
Jodie will now be an animated film rather than a series. Created by Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn,
Daria is a spinoff of the hit animated series
Beavis and Butt-Head. In 2019, it was announced that
Daria was getting a spinoff show, which would focus on the supporting character, Jodie Lanson. Daria’s good friend, Jodie, was a fan favorite and one of the few characters on the successful animated series that represented diversity. Starring Tracee Ellis Ross,
Jodie follows the titular character as she transitions into the workplace in her first post-college job. Now, the
Jodie series is transitioning into a different format.,Per
Jodie is now an animated feature film instead of a standalone series. Written by Grace Edwards,
Jodie has also set its main cast to star opposite Ross. Produced by MTV Entertainment Studios,
Jodie features the voice talents of Pamela Adlon as Joceyln Light, Cole Escola as Ryan, Jojo T. Gibbs as Tiffany, William Jackson Harper as Mack, and  Dermot Mulroney as Lionel.,Related: The Simpsons’ Latest Future Prediction Is The Darkest Yet,For now, it can be expected that the animated
Jodie film will be available on Paramount+ when it premieres.
Daria was an animated series that gave a voice to a generation and was one of MTV’s most popular offerings during its run. Since it has been two decades since
Daria signed off, it is ideal timing to expand the franchise in the form of an animated film. Fans of Jodie from
Daria can look forward to seeing the character find a new voice in Ross while being featured in the spotlight in the upcoming animated film.,Next: What South Park Season 25 Got Right (And Where It Went Wrong) ,Source: Variety