Transformers: Beast Wars Reveals Megatron Is Truly a Coward

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Transformers: Beast Wars #15!,IDW Publishing just retconned Megatron from the Beast Wars TV show into a coward by how he reacts to the otherworldly appearance of and sheer might displayed by the mysterious Vok aliens who recently declared war against all of the Transformers who crash-landed on their planet.,Although just the namesake of the evil Decepticon most fans know and love, Megatron, leader of the Predacons, shares many of the same defining characteristic traits as his predecessor from long ago. Until now, most readers were under the logical impression that among them was bravery even when faced against such a threat as the Vok. Beast Wars‘ Megatron has already proven that he’s a tactical genius and rules by fear after all. But that’s no longer the case.,Related: IDW’s Transformers: Beast Wars Series is Heading Toward a Depressing End,Unlike his rival Optimus Prime of the Maximals who remains cool and collected in the presence of the Vok, Megatron demonstrates reactions that are both uncharacteristic and unbefitting, not only of his rank but of his namesake, in Transformers: Beast Wars #15 by writer Erik Burnham, artist Winston Chan, colorist Ellie Wright and letterers Nathan Widick and Jake Wood. Although Megatron displays no fear when battling the Children of the Vok, he devolves into a bumbling mess once the Vok reveal their true selves. He also later adopts a defeat mentality, even though he had just fallen prey to their powers. It doesn’t look good regardless, especially, when Optimus Primal displays cool headedness throughout the entire exchange in contrast and even earns them more time to defend themselves when the Vok had originally intended to destroy them immediately.,This is a stunning contrast to how Megatron reacts to the Vok’s absurd power in the Beast Wars TV show. When the Vok aliens unveil their massive weapon that will destroy the entire planet (and every Transformer with it), Megatron actually expresses fondness and awed respect for their destructive nature and for the little regard they hold for life. Even as the weapon begins the first phase of its assault on the planet, sending his entire crew into a panic, Megatron can’t help but articulate how much he likes their assailants. He clearly doesn’t seem troubled at the thought the Vok might kill him or, at least, his urge for self-preservation isn’t stronger than his admiration. Every iteration of the Decepticons’ Megatron, even his descendant during the Beast Wars, might come across as cowardly because of how often he retreats, especially when he’s willing to sacrifice his own soldiers to ensure his own survival. But these actions can’t just be simplified to sheer cowardice. Megatron just doesn’t have any honor and will do anything to ensure his victory even if it means running away at the expense of his own subordinates.,IDW Publishing, however, is taking this potentially cowardly side of Megatron to the extreme. The stuttering he exhibits upon the unveiling of the Vok is a clear indication of that. Even though Optimus Primal is obviously disturbed by the scene as well, the Maximal leader clearly doesn’t display any other reactions that would suggest he is as deeply affected as Megatron. For longtime fans, this could either be a positive development for the villain, whereby Megatron’s otherwise pathetic actions further “humanize” his character. Meanwhile, others might perceive this as a perversion of an otherwise strong villain whose love for chaos trumps his desire to survive like in the Transformers: Beast Wars TV show. It’s a bold choice given that, regardless of which version, Megatron is an iconic Transformer.,Next: Transformers’ Cybertron Faces Its Greatest Threat, And It’s Not Megatron,Look for the latest issue of Transformers: Beast Wars available now from IDW!