Multiverse Of Madness Sets Up “Real” Mordo’s Return In Doctor Strange 3

Spoilers ahead for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.,While 
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness features an alternate version of Baron Mordo, the new MCU film does tease the return of the original rogue sorcerer in the future. Played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mordo was the man who first introduced Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to the world of magic beyond the world of science he was familiar with. However, Mordo’s eventual disillusionment with the Masters of the Mystic Arts turned him into Strange’s enemy. While he’s not featured in the new 
Doctor Strange 2, new revelations about Mordo’s character carry something exciting teases for the future.,In the first 
Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo was one of the closest allies of the Ancient One. He helped recruit Doctor Strange, helped to train him in the Masters’ stronghold known as Kamar-Taj. However, the discovery that the Ancient One was a hypocrite and continually drew power from the forbidden Dark Dimension saw Mordo turning his back on Strange and the other Masters of the Mystic Arts, disgusted by their constant breaking of the natural laws. Believing that the world needs to be rid of all sorcerers, the post-credits scene for the first 
Doctor Strange saw Mordo beginning to hunt magic users to ”
restore order.”,Related: Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Easter Eggs & MCU References,However, the original Mordo of Earth-616 was not present in 
Doctor Strange 2. Instead, the new film introduces the alternate Mordo of Earth-838 who became the Sorcerer Supreme and a member of
Multiverse of Madness‘ powerful Illuminati following the death of this new universe’s Strange. That being said, the original Earth-616 Strange reveals that his Mordo has already tried to kill him more than once in between films. While the “real” Mordo has apparently been unsuccessful thus far, it’s possible he could resort to more drastic measures in a potential 
Doctor Strange 3, especially if he finds out that Strange caused a multiversal incursion in the Dark Dimension (as was teased by Clea in 
Doctor Strange 2‘s
 post-credits scene).,Thanks to 
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it’s confirmed that Mordo has been trying to kill Strange and has yet to succeed. If he learns that Strange has ventured into the Dark Dimension once more could motivate Mordo to become a bigger threat than he has been off-screen. Considering the fact that Strange also broke the rules by using the Darkhold and reanimating the dead to defeat the Scarlet Witch, it seems likely that Mordo will want Strange gone more than ever before. Learning of Scarlet Witch’s actions alone in
Doctor Strange 2 would likely go a long way toward reaffirming for Mordo that magic in the wrong hands is dangerous and must be stopped.,While this is just conjecture, it does seem like enough seeds were sown in 
Doctor Strange 2 to warrant the return of the original Mordo. It should also be noted that in the comics, Mordo has served Dormammu of the Dark Dimension before. Perhaps the MCU’s Mordo will become so blinded in his need to kill Strange that he resorts to hypocrisy himself. At any rate, a return of the main Earth-616 Baron Mordo seems inevitable for a 
Doctor Strange 3 movie following the teases in 
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.,More: Do The X-Men Exist In The Avengers Universe After Doctor Strange 2?