Lennie James Interview: Fear The Walking Dead

All of the characters of The Walking Dead franchise have been through hugely trying circumstances, and Morgan Jones (Lennie James) on Fear the Walking Dead has dealt with as much as anyone. With Fear the Walking Dead nearing the end of season 7 and headed into season 8, Morgan has also changed a great deal since viewers first met him. Thanks to the simmering war with the tower and Victor Strand (Coleman Domingo), Morgan is headed for a major crescendo himself.,In Fear the Walking Dead‘s latest episode “The Raft”, Morgan continues to look after baby Mo and provide some mentoring oversight to Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) as the conflict with Strand reaches another level. With Fear the Walking Dead season 7 concluding on June 5, Morgan’s role in that story is sure to be significant over the season’s last few episodes.,RELATED: Fear TWD: Why Both Sides Are Wrong In The Morgan vs Strand War,Screen Rant spoke to Lennie James on Morgan’s role in Fear the Walking Dead season 7, where his story on the show has taken him, and where he’s headed as season 7 nears its end.,Screen Rant: Where is Morgan is at this point in season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead, and what viewers can expect going forward into the end of the season for Morgan?,What can you share, without giving too much away, about their connection and their relationship at this point in the season and how it relates to how season 7 will be wrapping up?,With this episode specifically, what were some of your favorite moments or scenes to film as far as how they relate to Morgan’s arc with his role as a leader and as you said of sort of passing the torch and mentoring Alicia?,What can you say, without spoilers, about how Morgan’s arc is going to play out in regards to the tower and the conflict brewing for him in all of that?,Have to stay as vague as possible there!,Looking again at the rest of this season collectively, you mentioned your relationship with Alicia in this episode and some of your favorite moments in it. With having to work around the pandemic as you were doing this season, what made that different in the experience of season 7?,With where Morgan is now on the show, what do you think the biggest way is that he’s changed from when you started on Fear the Walking Dead as Morgan to where he is now in season 7?,Definitely, he’s really come a long way. With this episode and the remainder of season 7, what do you think, as far as Morgan’s arc in season 7, is the most standout aspect of it that fans of the show will really latch onto and notice with Morgan’s leadership and mentoring Alicia? What do you think is the biggest component of his arc in season 7?,Check out our previous Fear The Walking Dead interviews with Jenna Elfman & Keith Carradine, as well as with Alycia Debnam-Carey, Alexa Nisenson & Omid Abtahi., ,NEXT: Has Fear The Walking Dead Made Morgan… Evil?,Fear The Walking Dead airs on Sunday evenings at 9 PM ET on AMC. New episodes will also continue to be available one week early on AMC+.