Grey’s Anatomy’s Catherine Reveal Proves The Show’s Happy Ending Curse

Warning: SPOILERS for Grey’s Anatomy season 18, episode 17 ahead!,The shocking revelation about Catherine (Debbie Allen) at the end of Grey’s Anatomy season 18, episode 17, “I’ll Cover You,” made for a gloomy contrast to the rest of the episode, and it also presented one of the show’s oldest problems, again. The main storylines of Grey’s Anatomy season 18 center on Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) settling in her new work life split between Seattle and Rochester and on Grey Sloan Memorial’s residency program risking shutting down because of a lack of physicians. In addition to the threats already looming over Grey Sloan, Grey’s Anatomy season 18, episode 17 added Catherine’s unexpected diagnosis, which could impact both Richard and the hospital.,Richard (James Pickens Jr.) and Catherine’s relationship has had its fair share of heartache. In Grey’s Anatomy season 15, Catherine kept her cancer hidden from all, Richard included, until she revealed it to Meredith and Tom Koracick, who would have had to operate on her. Her refusal to tell Richard until the last possible moment put a strain on their marriage, which was about to end in Grey’s Anatomy season 17 right before Richard started to exhibit symptoms later attributed to cobalt poisoning. While Grey’s Anatomy season 18 has shown Richard and Catherine’s marriage going strong, but episode 17 revealed Catherine needed THC juice to manage her pain as the cancer has progressed, taking Richard by surprise as he would have expected to learn about it from her and not by mistakenly getting high as he drank Catherine’s medicinal drink.,Related: Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith & Nick Prove The Show’s Happy Ending Problem,Catherine’s shocking revelation proved once again Grey’s Anatomy’s hatred for true love. After all, Catherine and Richard’s relationship has been one of the few to withstand everything thrown at them for many seasons. Only Ben and Miranda’s relationship lasted longer than theirs, starting in Grey’s Anatomy season 6 and still going strong 12 seasons later. To have Richard lose his wife after losing both Adele and Ellis Grey would just be cruel, especially after he and Catherine fought so much for their relationship and to overcome their differences.,In its 18 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has become known for letting love stories end tragically. While Richard losing Catherine after having reconciled would be especially tragic, it wouldn’t be something Grey’s Anatomy didn’t do in the past. Indeed, the medical drama often harshly separated couples, either killing off one half of the couple or letting them go their separate way after putting them through the most excruciatingly painful situations. Considering how Grey’s Anatomy hinted season 19 is the last and how the major challenge of season 18 and possibly season 19 will revolve around trying to save Grey Sloan’s residency program, it seems exceedingly cruel to also put Richard through that stress.,Richard and Catherine’s relationship ending with Catherine dying would also prove Grey’s Anatomy’s happy ending problem because they wouldn’t have the chance to solve the thing impeding their union off-screen. In some cases, Grey’s Anatomy fan-favorite couples have reconnected off-screen, as happened with Arizona and Callie, and with Alex and Izzie. Still, this wouldn’t be possible for Richard and Catherine, as not only are they both often on screen and an integral part in trying to save Grey Sloan’s residency program, but also what threatens to separate them is more final than what pulled apart any other Grey’s Anatomy couple. Catherine’s revelation in Grey’s Anatomy season 18, episode 17 seems unnecessarily cruel as it could just make Richard suffer, not bring Grey Sloan Memorial any groundbreaking surgery as her first diagnosis did. Her heartbreaking news would just serve to further prove how Grey’s Anatomy can’t let its characters find their happily-ever-after in romantic relationships.,Next: Grey’s Anatomy Has Made Grey Sloan Meredith’s Prison,New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy release every Thursday on ABC.