Scott Disick Is Facing Criticism For Lashing Out At Kris And Kendall Jenner Over Being Excluded From Their Family Events To Avoid Making Kourtney Kardashian “Uncomfortable”

Scott Disick is facing criticism for his “entitled” attitude in the latest episode of Hulu reality series
The Kardashians.,If you missed it, Scott got into
two heated arguments with the Kar-Jenners, as he accused them of neglecting his feelings and icing him out of the family since his ex Kourtney Kardashian’s engagement to Travis Barker.,He called Kourtney’s mom Kris Jenner “
mean” after she planned — and attempted to hide — her birthday dinner from him in an incredibly awkward exchange, while later condemning Kendall Jenner for his lack of invite to her birthday, too.,And though Kendall apologized and that she didn’t want to make Kourtney “uncomfortable” by having him present at the “intimate” event, Scott consistently spoke over her and dismissed all of her points, ultimately causing her to storm off.,But while fans have long sympathized with Scott — who often calls the Kar-Jenners his “only family” since both of his parents
died — many are now questioning his explosive reaction to being excluded from their close events for Kourtney’s sake.,If you didn’t know, Scott and Kourtney had a tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship for almost a decade, with his infidelity and
alcohol and substance abuse taking a huge toll on her.,In fact, over the years that they were together, Kourtney and Scott — who have three children — found themselves splitting and reconciling around each of her pregnancies, as Scott struggled with the
pressure of being a father.,He even accused her of “
tricking” and “suckering” him into having children when she announced she was expecting their third and youngest child, Reign, and ended up going to rehab during this time to deal with his alcohol abuse.,Kourtney eventually decided to split from Scott for good in 2015 — just seven months after Reign’s birth — after he repeatedly failed to improve his behavior. She broke down in tears discussing the breakup during an episode of
Keeping Up With the Kardashians, telling her sister Kim: “I’ve worked so hard to keep this family together. I just feel sad for the kids. But he’s not being a good partner to me.”,She later admitted during the
KUWTK reunion last year that, while she struggled with his infidelity, Scott’s substance abuse had been the ”
deal breaker” in their relationship.,And Scott himself has admitted that his actions led to the demise of their relationship, acknowledging time and again that he treated Kourtney poorly. In a recent
episode of
The Kardashians, for example, he says: “I always felt like that was my fault for breaking up our family. So I always felt like I had this responsibility to be there for her and take care of her and make sure she was alright, even though we weren’t together. I just felt that guilt. It was a lot to handle.”,In spite of their turbulent romantic history, Kourtney and Scott remained great friends and established a healthy relationship as coparents, while he has consequently remained a super close member of her family’s inner circle.,However, things took a turn when Kourtney began dating her now-fiancé Travis, in what’s easily the most serious of any relationship she or Scott have had with other people since their split.,Kourtney and Travis’s romance came after years of friendship, and quickly led to a grand engagement after a year of dating. But while their big night saw their loved ones travel over to Santa Barbara to celebrate, it was still
overshadowed by Scott, with the sisters unable to stop themselves from anticipating his reaction.,Kendall even ended up
confronting Kourtney — right after she’d
FaceTimed her kids to tell them about the proposal — and questioning whether or not she had empathy for Scott, who never quite got over her. Just last year, in fact, he told Kourt directly during an episode of
Keeping Up that he was “
ready to marry” her, “right here, right now.”,And though Scott has previously given her and Travis his “
blessing” during the
KUWTK reunion, he wound up making a series of
shady remarks about his ex when he learned that she was engaged.,“I kind of in a selfish way feel like a lot has been kinda lifted off of me,” Scott tells Khloé in a recent episode of
The Kardashians. “I salute Travis. Like, he’s in for a lot of work.” He goes on to say that Kourtney “is not the simplest when it comes to…everything.”,He was also annoyed that he wasn’t invited to the engagement altogether, and snarkily questioned whether or not he’d be present at the wedding.,Now, fans are calling Scott out for demanding that he be present at Kourt’s family’s gatherings despite having shaded her and Travis’s relationship, and treating her like “
garbage” for years.,“Scott is beyond exhausting! He is way too entitled for someone who did nothing but get high, drink, cheat, and mistreat for a DECADE. I don’t even know how they’re cool with him after the way he treated Kourtney,” one person wrote.,“I like Scott and I find him wildly entertaining but he’s NOT the victim. He treated Kourtney like shit was on drugs, abusing alcohol and partying constantly whilst she was raising their kids. Now she’s moved on to better he’s crying and manipulating her family?” another tweeted.,One person drew attention to more of Scott’s questionable behavior toward Kourtney, involving his messy
leaked DMs to another one of her exes dragging her and Travis’s PDA. It was later revealed that he sent Kourt an awkward
apology for the shady messages, which she called “despicable.”,“And let’s not forget he was on IG sending shady dms about her and Travis to her other ex. No way he could [expect] her family to not set boundaries with him after that,” a Twitter user wrote.,Meanwhile, some fans continued to empathize for Scott given that the Kar-Jenners are virtually his family, but maintained that accommodating him shouldn’t be Kourtney’s responsibility.,“I get Scott doesn’t have a lot of people. But that’s not Kourtney’s responsibility, or her families. Him trying to guilt them into treating him like a family member while he continues to disrespect their daughter is gross,” one person tweeted.,“Honestly, I don’t like the way the family is tip toeing around Scott, yes Scott is the father of Kourtney’s kids and he will always be a part of their lives BUT this is now getting too much, Kourtney can’t even be happy without them shoving Scott down her throat,” wrote another.,And overall, tons of fans are now showing Kourtney heaps of support, noting that she’s finally living her fairytale romance, and deserves the
happiness without having to stress about her ex’s emotions.,“it’s not kourtney’s job to monitor or carry scott’s feelings. she deserves her happiness and her life and should enjoy without hesitation,” one person tweeted.,“Kourtney has been thru the SHIT w Scott, and he treated her absolutely horrid. She deserves to be happy,” wrote another.