Cayetano urges Marcos’ critics to give him a chance

Returning senator Alan Peter Cayetano said presumptive president Bongbong Marcos — his rival in the 2016 vice-presidential elections — should be given a chance to prove himself he is deserving of the top government seat before judging him.,“He was elected, he is set to be proclaimed, give him a chance, let’s see what he does then let’s judge it later on,” Cayetano told reporters after he was proclaimed along with the 11 other new senators on Wednesday.,Despite the apparent change in his tune, Cayetano maintained his position on the issues about the Marcoses, particularly on the family’s issues of corruption and ill-gotten wealth.,“There are issues regarding the Marcos family that will remain. And it’s up to them to answer that. It’s up to you in the media to hound them on that. It’s up to the people to go to them and hold them accountable,” he added.,Cayetano and Marcos Jr. faced each other in the vice presidential race in 2016, however, both of them lost to Vice President Leni Robredo.,During an election debate for the post, Cayetano highlighted the Marcos’ family’s ill-gotten wealth.,Marcos Jr. is the son of his namesake former strongman Ferdinand Marcos, who was ousted in power in the 1986 People Power Revolution. The peaceful assembly ended the 21-year regime of Marcos which was marred by massive corruption and human rights violations.,Since the establishment of the Philippine Commission on Good Government in 1986, the government has recovered at least P171 billion worth of Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth and is still trying to recover more than P125 billion worth of Marcos assets.