Doctor Strange 2 Concept Art Reveals Alternate Defender Strange Design

WARNING: Major spoilers for Doctor Strange 2!,Concept art from 
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness reveals an alternate design for Defender Strange. With a script by 
Loki creator Michael Waldron, Sam Raimi’s horror-centric sequel to Scott Derrickson’s 
Doctor Strange piggybacks off the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ever-evolving multiverse concept. Similar to last year’s 
Spider-Man: No Way Home’s webslingers, 
Multiverse of Madness’ trailer confirmed the inclusion of multiple variants, including Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and two alternate versions of the movie’s titular sorcerer. Specifically, a Sinister Strange and a morally gray sorcerer who enjoys a good ponytail.,During the film’s opening sequence, America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) and the variant, Defender Strange, are being chased by a demon in the space between universes. Upon reaching the ancient Book of the Vishanti, this stylish Strange tries to subdue the monster to no avail, and ultimately decides to absorb America’s seemingly uncontrollable powers rather than them fall into the wrong hands—“[her] sacrifice is greater than [her] power.” Fortunately for America, the demon manages to kill Defender Strange before she accidentally creates a star portal that transports herself and the latter’s corpse to Earth-616, where the Sacred Timeline’s characters reside. Despite remaining dead for the remainder of the film, Defender Strange is one of its most memorable characters.,Related: Doctor Strange 2 Hints A Huge Villain’s Origin Story Has Already Been Changed,Visual Development Supervisor at Marvel Studios, Ian Joyner, recently shared a piece of concept art for 
Multiverse of Madness. The post gives fans an exclusive look at an alternate look for Defender Strange, who instead of a ponytail, has opted for a top knot. Check out the image below:,Click Here to View the Original Post,Although some likely prefer the undercut look, Defender Strange is arguably more formidable—and less hipster—with a ponytail. Aside from that and the mustache/goatee, the above design is pretty comparable to Defender Strange’s final look at the beginning of 
Multiverse of Madness. Of course, neither designs are as striking as Defender Strange’s zombified look at the end of the film.,Near the end of
 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Earth-616 Strange uses the Darkhold to dream-walk into the corpse of Defender Strange and uses the powers of the damned against Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) atop Mount Wundagore. Ultimately, Strange is confronted with the same decision to steal America’s powers faced by Defender Strange at the beginning of the film. This Strange refuses, even after Wong tells him to do so and America says it’s okay. He decides he doesn’t have to “be the one holding the knife,” and tells America “trust yourself, trust your power – that’s how you stop it.” The contrast between the decisions made by a dead man disapproves the idea that every universe should view Stephen Strange as a threat and completes Strange’s character arc. In the wake of 
What If..?’s Strange Supreme, Earth-838 Strange, Sinister Strange, and Defender Strange, it remains to be seen how many other variants/designs of Doctor Strange will be seen in future MCU projects.,More: Doctor Strange’s Genius Ending Mocked 3 Superhero Movie Tropes,Source: Ian Joyner/Instagram