A Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel Is Unlikely, Says Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman, the composer of 1993’s 
The Nightmare Before Christmas
, says a sequel isn’t likely as Tim Burton believes the story feels complete. The stop-motion animated musical is a cult classic known for its spooky, lovable characters and unforgettable original songs. Contrary to popular belief, the film was not written or directed by Tim Burton. While the movie is based on his original concept, he passed the directing baton to Henry Selick, as Burton was too busy directing
Batman Returns
to be involved on a day-to-day basis. Though it’s been nearly 30 years since the film’s release, its iconic songs like “This is Halloween,” “What’s This?” and “Kidnap The Sandy Claws” remain beloved creepy anthems.,Over the years, rumors have circulated about a potential sequel, but none have ever actually been produced. In 2001, Disney considered putting out a follow-up that used digital animation instead of stop-motion animation, but Burton strongly opposed the idea. He felt that revisiting his story just for the sake of making more money would cheapen it. A few unofficial expansions of the universe have popped up here and there over the years, including a video game spinoff released by Capcom in 2004. The closest thing to an actual sequel is a novel 
 from the perspective of Sally Skellington 
Long Live the Pumpkin
Queen, set to be released this July
.,Related: Tim Burton’s Dark Christmas Trilogy Ranked (Including Batman Returns),Now, it seems any remaining rumors of an on-screen sequel have been put to bed by Elfman, who tells
The Nightmare Before Christmas 2
isn’t happening. He knows how protective Burton is over his story and thinks that the filmmaker won’t be compelled to make a sequel just for the sake of having another movie. However, Elfman does say that if Burton were to surprise everyone and conceptualize a sequel, he would be on board and lend his composing skills to another soundtrack. Check out Elfman’s full quote below:,Elfman is renowned for his music work on a multitude of projects, including 16 of Burton’s films,
, the
Men in Black 
and the 
50 Shades of Grey
films. He also composed the main theme for
The Simpsons
. At Coachella this year, Elfman took the stage to perform some of his greatest hits. Most recently, he scored
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
. Elfman and
Doctor Strange 2
director Sam Raimi had worked together before on two
movies as well as 
. So while there doesn’t seem to be a sequel for
The Nightmare Before Christmas
in the works, Elfman has been plenty busy.,Elfman and Burton are teaming up once again on the upcoming series
, a spinoff of
The Addams Family
focused on Wednesday Addams.
is directed by Burton and composed by Elfman as well as Chris Bacon. It will star Jenna Ortega as Wednesday and follow the titular character as she navigates her psychic powers. So while Elfman makes it pretty clear that Burton is not currently interested in a
The Nightmare Before Christmas
follow-up, the two are continuing to work together to create fun, haunting stories. ,Next: Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sequel Book The Pumpkin Queen Makes Sally The Hero,Source: ComicBook