Production Team Of Jo Byeong Gyu’s Upcoming Drama Apologizes For Causing Inconveniences While Filming

The production team of Jo Byeong Gyu’s upcoming drama “History of Losers” (literal title) released a statement apologizing for the inconveniences caused during filming.

On May 9, an online netizen referred to as “A” claimed that the production team had parked illegally, causing inconvenience to the residents. The online post included a photo of a large vehicle blocking the resident’s front door and the street reserved for fire trucks.

“A” requested for the car to be removed multiple times, but the car still blocked the front door until late at night. Furthermore, “A” also complained about the noise levels during filming.

The production team responded with the following statement on May 11:

We are delivering the production team’s statement regarding the controversy that came up today surrounding the shooting of “History of Losers.”

While carrying out filming for “History of Losers” on May 9, [we] caused inconvenience that impacted some residents’ living spaces and movement. The production team directly met with the people involved and apologized while explaining our position at the time.

The production team worked hard to minimize the discomfort to the residents on a regular basis, but we apologize once more for not paying closer attention during the filming process.

We will take careful efforts during the filming stages to not cause even the slightest discomfort to all the residents in the future. We express our deep gratitude to all the residents for understanding, and we apologize once more.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “History of Losers” is a story about love and relationships that could turn anyone into a loser.

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