Ha Yeon Soo’s Former Agency Responds To Rumors That Actress Has Retired From The Industry

Ha Yeon Soo’s former agency has commented on claims that the actress has retired from the entertainment industry.

Recently, fans noticed that Ha Yeon Soo’s profile had been erased from portal sites. This, in conjunction with the fact that the actress is not currently promoting, led to fans speculating that Ha Yeon Soo had retired from the industry.

In response to these rumors, Ha Yeon Soo’s former agency ANDMARQ commented, “Our exclusive contract with Ha Yeon Soo ended early this year. To our knowledge, she is currently studying art abroad in Japan.”

Regarding the erasure of her online profile, the agency added, “Her profile was not erased by the company. The details are hard for us to confirm.”

Ha Yeon Soo debuted in the 2013 film “Very Ordinary Couple” and rose to fame with her appearances in dramas like “Monstar,” “4 Legendary Witches,” “Drinking Solo,” and “Rich Man, Poor Woman.” The actress also starred in BIGBANG’s music video for “Let’s Not Fall in Love.” Last year, she made her debut as a painter when she opened her individual exhibition “Ha Yeon Soo: The Form of Memory.”

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