12 K-Pop MVs That Feature Adorable Children

When they’re not choreography-focused, K-pop music videos sometimes have special guests on set of filming: children. Granted, some of them may actually be part of the choreography at times, but more often than not they are actually part of the acting cast. From holiday specials to rebellious storylines, kids give music videos that extra pep that make it just right.

Here is a selection of 12 K-pop music videos that starred adorable children.

1. GOT7 – “Miracle”

This soothing ballad is titled after the bond that GOT7 shares with their fandom Ahgase (I GOT7), which they consider a miracle. The members are thankful for every moment spent with their fans, and they find strength in their support when life gets hard. In the music video, the lovely child embodies Ahgase. Watching the members look after her is wholesome, as it gives you an idea of the tight relationship between the group and their fandom.

2. EVERGLOW – “Promise”

Taking part in UNICEF’s promise campaign, EVERGLOW released their first digital single “Promise.” The track’s lyrics line up with the campaign’s mission, which hopes for children to live in a peaceful and better world. The clip shows a beautiful little girl who seems to be lost in the forest before the members finally find her. Featuring a child in this music video is well thought out as it further highlights the song’s sweet message.

3. ASTRO’s MJ (Feat. Kim Tae Yeon) – “Get Set Yo”

MJ chose a trot single for his solo debut, and he collaborated with child trot singer Kim Tae Yeon for his retro concept. It’s quite impressive to see child starlets building careers in music, especially in the trot genre, as is the case for Kim Tae Yeon. Moreover, her aura in the music video is refreshing and entertaining, further catching the attention of viewers who may have stumbled upon her for the first time.

4. TWICE – “TT”

It only takes one look at the music video’s intro, where the young boy and girl (perhaps siblings) enter the mysterious TWICE castle, to know that we’re set for a kid-friendly viewing. The fairytale-themed music video takes the two cute children on a magical journey on Halloween night, further highlighting the innocence of the cinematography. The adorable child actors play their parts quite well, and as a viewer, it felt as if I were in their shoes discovering all the wonders of what takes place on such a spooky night!

5. Stray Kids – “Christmas EveL”

First rule of playing Santa: don’t get caught by the children. Unfortunately for Stray Kids, filling in for the white-bearded man does not go unnoticed. The child actress in this music video will probably nail drama roles when she grows up because she surely made the members tiptoe around her while she made a fuss about their identity and the gifts they came bearing. As if the entirety of the music video is not entertaining enough, you’ll enjoy the little girl’s cute tantrums, as it adds a comic touch to the whole thing.

6. PSY (feat. CL) – “DADDY”

Even the most peculiar productions can make room for adorable children on set. Such is the case for PSY whose music video shows an entire class of girls who, according to the plot, are all swooning over the artist back when he was a child. And while we can’t really see who the star kid is due to CGI effects of PSY’s face on top, he’s probably just as adorable as he is talented!

7. BTS – “Permission to Dance”

“Permission to Dance” is BTS’s way of cheering the world up following an excruciating couple of pandemic years. Better yet, their music video invites people from all walks of life, all ages and races included. The most endearing part has got to be the children smiling, running, and flying a balloon or two. Plus, one glimpse at the moment where children from different ethnicities are embracing each other will make your heart full, as messages like these definitely need to be put under the lens more often.

8. Lee Hyori – “Bad Girls”

Not all K-pop music videos are for pure entertainment – some of them come with a lesson or two. Such is the case for Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girls,” which sheds light on the struggles, such as label-shaming, that girls deal with from their childhood up until they become women. The two actresses who play Lee Hyori as a toddler and a pre-teen have done their parts justice, fully portraying the soloist’s badass character. One could even say that they brought up important social commentary to life by properly enacting them.

9. Epik High – “DON’T HATE ME”

This iconic music video by Epik High is quite child star-studded, and the trio can barely be spotted amidst all these little rebels wreaking havoc. With overwhelming energy, famous celebrity and movie villain costumes, and pure chaos, these kids were made to feature in this epic music video alongside Epik High. And it’s fun to guess the various characters every time you watch this masterpiece!

10. MAMAMOO’s Solar – “Nada Sou Sou”

Albeit heart-wrenching, this pensive single by Solar combines the heartfelt parts of her soul with a child star’s amazing performance. The singer’s lyrics can be interpreted through the acting that simulates the journey of a child into adulthood. The little kid surely nails her role, and watching her will make you teary-eyed. The entire setup feels very much real.

11. Na Ha Eun (feat. Microdot) – “So Special”

Remember the cute dancer who shares her dance covers on her YouTube channel “Awesome Haeun” and even performed some of them during the 2017 Melon Music Awards breaks? Well, she is the main star of her own music videos. In 2018, the dance prodigy made her official debut with “So Special” featuring Microdot. Four years later, Ha Eun is signed by SM Entertainment where she is slowly but surely building her K-pop idol career. Watching her go from her childhood days into the teenage era as a performer makes you wonder how her style will develop over the years. Best of luck to Ha Eun with her new endeavors!

12. Jessi – “Gucci”

Once a fierce unnie, always a fierce unnie: such is Jessi’s life philosophy. The rapper summons all of her badass attitude and embeds it all over her “Gucci” title track. Of course, this savage adult was once a kid herself, and the child actress who portrays Jessi briefly in the music video looks like a picture-perfect reincarnation of the singer. The young actress’s sassiness is an uncanny resemblance!

Do you know more K-pop music videos that feature adorable children? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.