Tyler Hoechlin Teen Wolf Movie Return Confirmed: Derek Hale Is Back

Tyler Hoechlin is set to reprise his role as Derek Hale in the upcoming
Teen Wolf movie for Paramount+. Loosley based on the 1985 film of the same name,
Teen Wolf ran on MTV from 2011 to 2017 and centered on Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), a young man who is bitten by a werewolf and realizes his town of Beacon Hills is filled with supernatural activity. Hoeclin played the role of Derek Hale, an older werewolf who was born into a pack of wolves that, while originally hostile towards Scott, became an ally and stayed on the show before departing in season 4 before returning as a guest for the final season.,In September 2021, eleven years after the series premiered, Paramount+ confirmed they were planning a reunion film based on the series. The official cast was revealed in February 2022 with much of the main cast returning except for Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O’Brien (who played the role of Stiles), and Arden Cho (who played the role of Kira Yukimura). While Hoeclin would not return, it was confirmed that the movie would feature Derek Hale’s son when Vince Mattis was cast to play the role of Eli Hale, implying the character would still have some presence in the film.,Related: Dylan O’Brien’s Teen Wolf Movie Update Is Worrying,Paramount+ has officially confirmed that Hoeclin will reprise his role as Darek Hale in the upcoming
Teen Wolf Movie. Hoeclin has also joined the production as a producer alongside star Tyler Posey. Hoechlin is one of many previous stars of the series to return including Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, and many more. The press release also hinted at more cast members returning saying additional names would come soon.,It is unconfirmed if the additional names are new characters to the series or the return of Cho and O’Brien. Cho revealed she declined to return for the 
Teen Wolf movie after a pay dispute, as she was the only woman of color in the cast and was offered half the salary of her co-actresses. O’Brien has already confirmed he will not be returning but is looking forward to watching the film. With O’Brien arguably being the biggest breakout star of the original cast his schedule may just be too busy to return.,It is unclear how big a role Hoechlin will have in the
Teen Wolf movie. The actor is currently the lead on the hit CW series
Superman & Lois, which unlike many of the other Arrowverse series, was not canceled and was actually renewed for season 3. While the series was originally believed to be one of the reasons Heochlin could not return for the
Teen Wolf movie, it is certainly is a treat for longtime fans of the series that the actor is getting to return to one of his most iconic roles and the role that reintroduced a lot of people to Hoechlin, who before was known as the kid from
Road to Perdition.,Next: Teen Wolf: Why Tyler Hoechlin Left After Season 4,Source: Paramount+