Chae Jong Hyeop And Park Ju Hyun Amp Up Excitement With Their Secret Date In “Love All Play”

The newest preview of “Love All Play” is keeping viewers on the edges of their seats!

“Love All Play” is a sports romance drama about a man and a woman who play mixed doubles on a badminton works team called Yunis. Chae Jong Hyeop stars as Park Tae Joon, who only thinks of badminton as his job, while Park Ju Hyun plays Park Tae Yang, a former aspiring Olympian who only lives for sports.


Park Tae Yang and Park Tae Joon officially started to date, and they’re giving viewers cavity with their sweetness! However, their romance is always risky and thrilling since Yunis forbids dating between teammates. As a result, curiosity is increasing about how their will continue their relationship in the future.

In the newly released stills, Park Tae Yang is making porridge for Park Tae Joon. Previously, everyone on Yunis got food poisoning after eating hamburgers. Only Park Tae Yang was fine, and everyone except her was hospitalized. However, Park Tae Joon, who missed Yunis so much, returned to the dormitory alone. As Park Tae Yang makes porridge, Park Tae Joon watches with her with hearts brimming from his loving gaze.

However, the couple is shocked when Lee Young Shim (played by Jo Soo Hyang), Cheon Yoo Ri (played by Kwon So Hyun), and Yang Sung Sil (played by Jeon Hye Won) return to the dorms. If they find out that Park Tae Yang made porridge for Park Tae Joon in their dormitory, it’ll only be a matter of time until their relationship is caught. The two characters are locked in panic mode, and it will be intriguing to see how they will solve this matter.

“Love All Play” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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