The “Russian Doll” Cast Revealed Some Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About Filming The Series, And I Just Love Them So Much More Now

The wait is over! After three years since Russian Doll‘s debut, the series’ second season finally hit Netflix, and this time around, the time loop only gets messier.

Courtesy Netflix

To celebrate the show’s second season, we invited cast members Natasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett, Greta Lee, and Chloë Sevigny to play a little game of who’s who and tell us ALL their favorite behind-the-scenes secrets.


We found out Natasha is really great at doing impressions of her costars.


We even learned that apparently, everyone but Greta has been stealing stuff from set.


But luckily, Greta is the BEST at giving relationship advice.


Watch the full video with the cast below:

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And be sure to watch Season 2 of Russian Doll, which is streaming on Netflix now!